Thursday, 11 October 2012

Why does the emotional crap happen when you are writing a shopping list???

I am TRYING to be frugal/organised and quite frankly  I only want to the supermarket once a friggin' week when there is a huge blow up about the fact that darling MiL is going into care home today (possibly, no information for sure) and The FW says "I'm not going even if S wants me too"....then sulky-faced "what are you looking at me like that for"

This is your mother, you are supposed to put all the other shit in a bag and forget it, nothing else matters, help take your mother into a care home, this is your mother - (voice cracks and I fall apart while my head is in the larder and have a shopping list in my hand) - I didn't shout but I did emphasise the words

He stomps off and I weep noisily in the cupboard, bent over, and the dog is going loolah cos he is sensitive.

We had already (me reluctantly) agreed he was going to help (fuck off) me with the food shop (he is useless, slow, eyeing up the lovely food whilst I want to get in, get what's on the list and get the fuck out of there) he also has bad back and can't help with the heavys which is why I want either son to help (neither available today).

So now I am calming down a little, writing it out and deciding whether to get the FuckHead and go gaily to Asda!!!!!!!!!

PS There will be a post about why I do not want him accompanying me everywhere like a devoted couple joined at the hip.  soon.


  1. Thanks for stopping by - pleased to meet you! Love your blog - sounds like a normal family situation to me! xxxxx


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