Sunday, 14 October 2012

I made cake, I ate cake, I ate more cake (I feel sick)

If anyone tells me ( ie SiL and BF) "Oh it only takes 20 minutes to knock up a cake" I will sm*** their faces in their f*cking cakes!  
It took me 2 1/2 hours....ok it was two cakes, and it was from the googlyweb so had to keep checking and logging in again (my computer is passworded - hah FW), but I made a hell of a mess to clear up, though managed to bake both at the same time to save energy, then waited impatiently for them to cool so that I could fill, ice etc.  I also managed by judicial use of the open window to cool the sandwich cake before the buttercream I was eager to add completely melted! doh.

Both recipes I have saved and will make again (success second time around is not guaranteed).  My baking is like Strictly some weeks you're good and some weeks you're not so good.  

I also did not take photos, mainly because the camera was full and had to do technical stuff to make room and also I couldn't be bothered and was desparate to sit down, crochet and wittle down the percentage on the tivo box (which I did by watching 3 hours of american tv, by fast forwarded the adverts etc, and some by deleting 51(!) hours of mis-recorded stuff that The FW says he doesn't know how it got there, ie Men Behaving Badly, Only Fools, The League of Gentlemen (which he doesn't even like wtf) and Road Wars.

So we are down from 68% to 57% (tho I have recorded Strictly, sad I know) and plan to record Fiddler on the Roof tomorrow (most favourite film ever...nearly, the Birdcage is No 2 on the list). So have to work hard watching/deleting dramas (which are difficult to watch during the day because we have no net curtains, and tv faces the window on a busy junction in between 3 schools, so watch documentaries during the day - see I like quality tv as well as the crap american true life crime shows - wonder why lol.

As an update darling MiL is in care home, and does not like the room already, and is cross "because people keep moving things", she says stuff like that because of insecurity and also because she has never mixed well with new people/strangers and has had no friends to socialise with to learn how to deal with new/different situations. Sad.  
I am glad I have lots of friends (which I will blog about if I haven't already....I will check later) also I can talk to pretty much anyone, about anything, usually.

N'night for now, I may add more in the morning.

PS As you may observe I like my tv, this does not make me a bad person if you are thinking of commenting........I learn/I sew, I am entertained/I crochet gifts, it also takes my mind off the daily shite.  I do not go out, smoke, drink, spend (much)...ergo I tv. (did I misuse the latin there, can't be bothered to look it up). I also talk/laugh with my kids.. a lot!


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