Monday, 29 October 2012

My son is beaming!

He has a job! I am so happy for him and yet a little scared.  He is going to work in a halfway house style care home just 10 minutes walk away as a Key Worker.

He is such a good kid so I am apprehensive that he is going to see 'life' at its best and worst all in one day probably.

And to know that he will be able to, and is happy to, help us financially week by week is a lifesaver for me.  I am confused as to how I feel about this, on the one hand he needs to know that life needs to be paid for and yet I feel guilt that I am going to be looking to him to 'save our bacon'.  He is nearly 24 and had some depression/suicidal issues almost 2 years ago and I feared for him and now he has a lovely girlfriend, a job he is excited about which is close to home (neither of my boys want to drive - go figure!) and a financial future. 

Well Done A x

Eldest son still lives at home and is a part time lecture assistant and also does some occasional private tutoring so that he can pay for his PHD and travel to and from Uni so has to find approx £5k a year.

I have tarted up my page and managed to find the side bar bit, ain't I clever, I might mess around with it a little and I want to add a picture at some point but am not sure how to.

N'night x

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  1. You must be thrilled and apprehensive in equal measure. Well done A, you've made it back from the abyss to make your mark upon the world.


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