Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Picture if you will....

though better not to if you're eating breakfast or still queasy from last night's iffy kebab....

.......whilst muttering to myself (signs of stress/frustration with the FW) Maroon 5 'one more night' bursts to life on the radio (rush to to turn the sound RIGHT up).....still picturing - here goes 

- slightly overweight menopausal hobbit woman (marginally less hairy) wearing tired dressing gown and childrens slippers (yeah whatever, size 2 feet), dancing like a video ho whilst loading mens undies (gak) into the washing machine. 
Disclaimer - When children in kitchen I dance like a 1970s Nolan Sister and they sigh, roll their eyes as they leave the room. When The FW is in the room I do not dance at all. (except maybe in my head..and poke my tongue out at him...and give him the V sign* snigger)

* I originally wrote stick my fingers up snigger .....then edited.....quickly


This is a place for me, to try and make sense of my world, and my place in it. My family and friends do not know about this, I need some privacy, peace and freedom.
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