Monday, 8 October 2012

Oh, for the love of Raymond...

I have just read the last post of *Crochet with Raymond* (sorry I don't know how to link) and am so sad.  I loved reading Alice's life and crochet and sock knitting adventures. I have left a comment on her penultimate post, tho it may not get added.

I am very sad that many people who I found and read when I discovered this little world have disappeared for various reasons, (I am always late to the party!), they always seem to be the prettiest and most inspiring ones.

On the other hand there are so many other beautiful, funny, inspiring ones that I need a few 'secret' hours of the day to read them - which is why I am writing this at half five ay em!

Mornin all!!

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This is a place for me, to try and make sense of my world, and my place in it. My family and friends do not know about this, I need some privacy, peace and freedom.
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