Thursday, 25 October 2012

I'm doing that not bloggin' thing again,

I just can't be arsed.....

Three times today I have had an idea, the words, phrasing and reason why, run it through and then................and then didn't.  I have been in the shower this morning and had thoughts and worries to write about; sorting the washing and muttering to myself about The FW (gritted teeth he is reaLLy pissing me off now!); and later in town after seeing my cousin-in-law (is that a legally binding phrase?), catching up, ie 'having a moan', getting a hug - Thank You LouLou, you know who you are!  :-)

Aaannyhooooo - I am always away from the teeny weeny lappytop, which for the moment is plugged in upstairs, cos I don't have the fugly desk finished yet, sheesh.  I know I would not have made such a good job of it but it would be finished by now.  The ironing board is now in the spot for it in the dining area of the kitchen.  We don't put the ironing board away cos there is always ALWAYS ironing to be done, and it is a useful height for writing lists and wrapping presents on *sigh*.  We have quite a big house but the space is shit, badly designed in the 70s and we tried to make better use of it and spent a long time extending it and getting it right, and yet I could go back in time and do it slightly different and a whole lot better, hey the fuck ho.

Well once again the BF phoned me yesterday, blimey thats 6 times this year - I AM on a roll, well she did need a favour (again).  So we are at the end of October and she has phoned 6 times (5 times a for favour and once when I text her after being away (again) and said "are you home, do you need to go to asda?"  with the excuse that I wasn't sure when she was back I knew she was and just needed to give her a nudge, it worked! )

I made a beef stew today (6 hours it simmered, it did) and The FW (tosser) added some shallots that were left over from his pickling session (little does he know there will be fuck all to eat the fecking pickles with this Christmas!!), anyway he casually said "oh I added half a dozen shallots to the stew" !WHAT! so that is beef stew with onions, leeks and more onions then, fine, whatever. At the table the fuckwad said after son commented on how nice it was that it hadn't cooked enough - 6 pissin' hours - really?

He is on a grump at the moment, during the above mentioned phone call (erm 1 1/2 hours ooops) he stomped in, went to the cupboard, got biscuit and snapped off a bit and gave it to the dog, I said, whilst still on phone "Please don't do that it makes him really ill" (it does), my word the look on his face, like a 6 year old not being allowed out to play, he then stomped back out slamming door behind him (I still think he listens to my phone calls, tho I don't know how).  Today son came in and got biscuit, dropped a bit and didn't pick it up quick enough, so I emphatically said please don't, it makes the dog not eat for three days and is clearly miserable and uncomfortable and all we have to do is make sure he doesn't have wheat in his diet (all the time knowing The FW is right behind me larf).  He only does it because I have specifically asked him not to, he will NOT be told what to do even if it makes the dog ill.  The face yesterday was because he had forgot himself and clearly had not stopped doing so in spite of telling me that he never does, and even when I have said to the family all together that we must not feed the dog wheat.

We have daughter's prize giving tomorrow (such fun) and he has arranged the curry from last week that had been cancelled due to illness to this week, forgetting about the wonderful and not at all boring event.  Right this minute I have no clue whether or not he is coming, or whether son is coming instead, well we had to sit through 2 of his, so it's payback time lol.  This is the 6th prizegiving (we missed daughter's first because she was a bit emo at the time and we were exhausted with other nasty stuff.  NOTE daughter has won three and sons won 2 each - that then is a scientific fact that girls are better than boys - hah!

I have so many crochet projects on the go I don't know which way to turn -
  • blanket of doom nearly {yaay} finished, the girl it is for is sleeping over this monday (see above phone call), so that is an incentive to get the damn thing done, though it is looking quite good now  
  • the single arm warmer for MiL who has arthritis quite bad in one arm, but she is too hot to wear a cardi in the care home due to her health - she has been in care home 10 days and the only time she left the room she upset people in the dining room by slagging the place off, someone loudly objected, rightly so, and therefore has said she will not leave her room again! I will have to finish it that whilst visiting for length and stitching up etc.  She is awkward and may not wear it even though I am making it with love and for her comfort.
  • Christmas gifts started in the summer (I know, I know) which need stitching/ stuffing/ embellishing etc.
  • various things I have started - a half completed bag and some cushion covers aka random practice squares/hexies that I fell in love with.
  • daughters blanket which I started Christmas day last year, it is bloody big and it is too hot to crochet big stuff in the summer
  • Also I promised to teach a friend how to crochet and got quite excited about sharing my lovely hobby and it hasn't happened, I must contact her and say I haven't forgotten, maybe we can do it after xmas.
Considering I wasn't going to write and didn't feel like it I'm not doing too bad am I? But I am tired now, it has been a busy few days and I really need to make nurse appointment, my right eye hurts (I have had 'bleeds' in that eye in the past) so i think my blood pressure is up again  - can't think why, can you?

Gonna go night nights now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


PS he has just come in from pub (can still afford that then) and is noisily making food in the kitchen and probably giving the dog illegal wheatstuffs *sigh*

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  1. Good grief woman - how on earth do you cope with all this pressure? I wish I could help.

    Sending virtual hugs.


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