Thursday, 28 November 2013

As promised.................

Early morn? Late noon? answers on a postcard please.
Where's my breakfast? Are you doing my breakfast? Is that my breakfast? Is that you? Is that my bucket? Where's my breakfast?

Early morning water fill, note to self, extra sockage next time!

Err-hem... a selfie (on the way to the water, part one)

That looks like the sea in the distance, but it's just the view
As promised here are some random pics.  I think you can click on them for a better look.  (I think).  Even when it is raining I enjoy being here.  Me, who used to huddle indoors with the lights and the telly on.  I don't come every day 'cos Ness works shifts and sometimes it's a rush but it's still good, all good.

There's a whole water saga* with a steep hill involved which is a killer on the stumpy legs.  Haven't had a shock from the electric fence yet but there's still time harhar.  I climb through the gaps you can see there as we never go through the gates for some inexplicable reason.  Much leg-cocking and hilarity and almost face planting in the mud. 
Oh the can't see it here but trust me there is much, much muddy areas that we plodge through (still good, all good).

I feel nearly, almost, should whisper really so as not to wake the shit fairy, normal-ish. 

We've had the sudden death of The FW's good friend which was a nasty shock and totally unnecessary, but he was in denial of his diabetes diagnosis.  It has been a horrid time and not yet over due to pm and delayed funeral etc.  I have been drafted to fill the gap in the pub quiz team, which I had started to do a couple of weeks before and had sat opposite the guy whilst he was obviously in distress but brushed off all concern.  I have insisted this is temporary as I am not a pub person.

There has been a knitty wooly club started and I went with trepidation expecting to be a beginner type with my little efforts and have found myself teaching someone to crochet and 'ahem' doing it better than the lady running it (ooops).  I am better than I thought.  How did that happen??

I have also taken home an application form for a new charity shop and am trying to figure out a good half day to give them.  I will have to organise my time better.  I hope they can wait for me or I may miss the boat again.

So this is what I have been up to, there's probably more that I have forgotten and I know there are better pics. 

Much lovings to you all,

* It's pathetic but someone is nicking the water from the butt, who and why we don't know yet.  I will do some arse kicking when I find out as it's my stumpy legs that have to go up the steep, oh, steep steep hill.