Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Life has been somewhat interesting of late..........

  • We had an bereavement totally out of the blue, I will write more of this another time.
  • The menopausal headfug is lifting a little, the dimmer switch on the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned up a couple of notches yay.
  • Financial fuckwittery has not been pleasant.  All the money I had paid off the credit card* last year has been wiped out in two short weeks, grrrrr.
  • Dearest, darling daughter is so, so, so much better due to the wonderful counsellor (and probably natural growing-up too), she is a joy.  
  • The weather - yikes.
  • Disillusioned with Best Friend, we will still always be friends (probably) but well, it is hard to explain but  'fings ain't wot they used ter be' if you get my drift.  As well as the long periods of time without communicating** when we did speak she said something dismissive and deeply upsetting about Depression (I knew there was something there in previous phone calls we had had).
  • Poorly ageing doggie (fleas too, yuk).  He is ten (what!!) and is showing signs of arthritis.  He had a sudden flare up and was shivering and internally growling, luckily the tail was still wagging so I knew it wasn't a stroke.  Scared daughter so much she said to him "you had better not die too or I'll kill you".  Poor love.  A couple of days of junior aspirin put him right, or at least until a week later he flew out the catflap again and hurt himself.  So funny seeing a little dog doing the "dot and carry one" walk.  We can't afford the vet so I will have to drag The FW to the PDSA soon (unless I can take him on the train - the dog not the fw lol).
  • An emotionally distressed niece.  Now diagnosed with a Personality Disorder.  I have been acting as mediator between her and her mother. Not fun.
  • Lots of things involved with the bereavement.
  • Haven't been able to get to the horses as much as I would like, and now my friend has to move to an Assisted Livery.  This is due to the land being sold to the Russians (who are taking over the little village and adjacent hamlet too, they have bought the pub and lots of adjacent land).  So I will be just visiting instead of helping.  The rain has been interesting.
  • Trying to teach 40/50 year knitters to crochet - not easy!
  • Thinking about opening an Etsy shop to sell my vintage dolls house furniture and houses.  Just thinking at the moment.  Or the local indoor boot fair maybe.  I am not a natural seller.  Purchasing though, I do very well indeed.  Have recently spent money on yarn that I shouldn't have.  Though this was before the financial shenanigans.
  • Lots of crochet - and knitting too - wonders will never cease!!
  • Lots and LOTS of blog reading, I need lessons how to update my blog, pretty it up and make it work and look better.

this is an old photo, (I need to take and upload more)

Okay, it's time to get up and do stuff, mountains of washing, housewifery, meeting best friend (testing the waters), collecting train tickets yadda yadda.

Welcome to my new follower, I did notice you arrive and I apologise for not saying hello before. Hello, hello, would you like a biscuit?
Love you, and I promise not to leave it too long next time.

* house hold bill payments - NOT handbag purchases
** I made a point of Not phoning her to see when (and indeed if) she would contact me, which sounds petty but in reality isn't.