Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Blanket of Doom

I am very happy to announce that the B of D is finished, except for tidying up and a damn good blocking (just to be persnicketty about finish dontcha know).  And just in time too because the recipient is staying over Monday night.  I could have waited until the Xmas but decided no, she will get a 'Pretty' for that occasion.  This blanket was started when she was going through a really difficult time and although this blanket has given me some tough going it was made with a lot of affection and I stuck with it and am pleased with the finished result.  I will photograph it and 'show and tell' at a later date, for privacy reasons if you will.

Speaking of privacy, which I was, I have told two people about this blog who are close, but are not likely to be mentioned in it, except in passing, so that's ok.

The FW is pissing me off but that's normal.  It is bill paying week which is shit but that too is normal.

I cannot bear to see all the mad Xmas choccy stuff all over the place, stuff that I would now be buying and getting tucked away, not just the choc, which is vital for a good xmas I find, but all the other lovely stuff.  I have no idea what to get my kids, tho the older ones will only get a token pres, my youngest will prob not want to ask for anything because they all are aware of the financial 'sitch', they are good kids and have never whined or asked for anything even when they were small, because I have always explained that I don't have the pennies for everything.  I feel lucky to have such decent children.

Luckily there are left over cards from last year and so I will cull the long card list.  There are a few crackers, big and small, which are filled and some 'empty' ones too.  I have enough paper and tags for general use, but I have ebayed some little charms and beads and bells to embellish the Prettys, ie garlands, key fob hearts etc that I am crocheting.

Food may be an issue, I may consider meal planning the entire week to the last crumb and perhaps do an online shop/budgetty type thing to see how much it will be be and Then Stick To It, tho I am sure The FW will 'just pop out for something that is forgotten' and come back with shit loads of fancy schmancy stuff, rather than just plain old give me some cold hard cash as a contribution.  I will be angry if he does this (which he will you can bet your knickers on it) even though it will add to the cupboards, I feel it is cheating somehow.  I will stress about how much milk and bread there is and he will buy chunks of pate that will end up going off.

The house is still in a state, the roof still leaks and I can't use the eaves storage so all the boxes are in the bedroom and ensuite clagging up the place gah!

Anyway, moaning over tomorrow I will start the fingerless gloves for daughter and add some rows to her colourful stripy Lucy (Attic 4) Inspired blanket.

N'night x

PS Wasn't Strictly good tonight!
PPS The FW has just come back from pub and is making a racket in the kitchen as flippin normal, he has no concept of being quiet late at night.  I am so tempted to make a racket early in the mornings!


  1. You are sounding more cheerful, even if festive arrangements are making you feel fraught. My OH and I don't do anything for the day other than to eat together and maybe have a traditional roast, but then, not always.

    Fingers crossed for you m'dear.

  2. Thank you for the crossed fingers, gonna need 'em. On the plus side my younger son got his job today whoop whoop!

  3. Damn fine news, well done that lad!


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