Sunday, 7 October 2012

The post about Being Helpful

The FW keeps mentioning that he will clean things in the kitchen, the bars above the stove (like a victorian warming rack type thing) or scrubbity scrub the worktops - helpful or insulting?

Because of the kitchen re-organise and the fact that I now wash up the undishwashables in the adjacent utility room he has now moved a shelf (now the sugar/tea won't fit grrr) in the cupboard above the kettle for 'our favourite mugs', because he can't find them - well we have a mug tree by the kettle for these that is sometimes empty because a) they are draining in the utility room or b) they have not been brought back for washing up by the culprits users.  "Oh I didn't think to look round there" durr.  Several steps across the kitchen (ie above the newly moved microwave) is the spare mug cupboard where we keep guessed it...spares/second favourite mugs - moron or idiot?

What the fuck does he think I am doing in the utility room all day, playing marbles with the dog biscuits?
Why the fuck has he spent thirty years not doing any job I have requested no matter how urgent/necessary but now is 'being helpful'.....go away.

Night Night x

PS The doggie has been washed and trimmed and smells sweeter, yaaay, but has also realised he can jump out of the bath - not good.

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