Monday, 16 March 2015

I like elephants, I do.....

these are origami elephants, if you click you might get a better picture.

This is what my daughter made me for Mother's Day as well as a beautiful painted card.

It was a pretty good day, better than previous years.

I'm off early in morning to clean three stables on my own, let's hope Indigo hasn't peed an ocean or pooped a mountain, the other two, being older are a lot cleaner and do it in one corner usually, anyway three barrow loads of cr*p, hey ho.

Monday, 16 February 2015


by the Instagram bug
tho i have no clue what i am doing
what the etiquette is
what the 'emojis' mean
how it all works
and have not posted or taken a single picture*
am following pretty much the same people as on blogs
with a couple of new ones
I have two (6) followers 
yes I am as boring on IG as i am here (boohoo)
I joined as I realised the tribute to Vanessa Cabban was on there but was too late, which is a shame.

I have been really busy mucking out etc etc, here are pics to prove it

this the 'before' after I started lol

and this is the after - 4 (four!) wheelbarrow loads (note needs more!!)
and this is the 'why' - young arab prince who does not like the mud (on the right)

that sand was frrrozen btw and had to chop out tree roots (!!)
the 'sand pile' is up there in the trees on the left - no horses in this field today which was grreat as one is huuuuge

and this is looking down from the pile

I had a choice of two sides of square or diagonal run, but Indie always managed to stand in the wrong place grr and the electric fence was on and I was NOT going under it
 Seeing as i am less than 5' and have short arms n legs this was no mean feat and the ground was lumpetty bumpetty (it was like a Power Plate workout haha)
I took pics of 'upalong' and 'downalong' but they were sideways and wouldn't rotate

I still have not finished the christmas present blanket (update - now on The Edge yippee)
sidetracked by poncho (with hood - what!) for daughter

*this is due to 'people' being around making me self-conscious

Started this post a week ago and finishing whilst waiting for people to get the hell out of bed so I can start the bleddy housework yaaaargh

Hope you all had lovely Valentines

See you soon xx

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Interesting Updates.......

So, middle boy gave me (for £50 smackers) his 'old' ipad thingamjig.

and i am now on instagram (Dollyclothespeg62). 

when i learn how to use the dang thing 

and add it to this stuff i'll let you know.

(if you care lol)

i also have my daughter's old laptop (huuuuuge) as well as this little ideapad get me with a whole bunch o' stuff that i barely know how to use.

what larks, pip


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Into 2015

I want to wish everyone a 

Happy and Peaceful New Year 

you all deserve it, and so do I.

I have written more on my other blog, just because.

Have a picture (just in case the link doesn't work, if it does, then yay)

real clouds - in my garden!


Do You Mind If I Knit - Vanessa Cabban - A Tribute

Vanessa Cabban,
 you were one of my crochet inspirations, your books beautiful and your papier mache sculptures were full of joy.

I hope you are at peace.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Seasonal Message

(I'm posting today 'cos I ran out of time yesterday - sigh)

ahem, my only Xmas Tree Pic (from 2011 - I am so rubbish at this!)

Merry Christmas



Peaceful New Year

(Notice there's no fancy accoutrements, I am so basic lol)

Monday, 22 December 2014

Oh Vanessa, Rest In Peace

Vanessa Cabban, a beautiful artist has died.

I used to check her blog and website now and again to see if she was going to come back and now it's too late.

I have just deleted all the words I was going to put here, the conclusion that I reached on reading the local news item local-woman-killed-by-train-at-goswick but I will keep my opinions private.

I used to work for British Railways in my youth.