Monday, 8 October 2012

Why didn't I answer the phone?

At the moment I am ignoring the phone because a) it may be SiL re Mil, not getting involved, b) probably the mortgage people because The FW is still pratting about and c) I can't be arsed at the moment.

Big mistake, this afternoon I was working on The B of D, the phone is about a foot away from me and I ignored it.  The FW answered down in the cabin and came haring (limping) up to say 'private and confidential for &@', so picked up the house phone and....he hung around while I started the call...... from the counselling people, I didn't even get the name in my slight panic. I managed to head him off and he went back down to cabin, I have to get off the phone cos he listens in, sheesh.  I just said I'll call back.  Waited 10-15 mins and back he comes 'that was an odd phonecall' - (ok think fast oh yeah we've just closed an online bank account and the cheque came for me) yes, ses I, I nearly forgot the cheque that came for a whole £23.23 woohoo, they were just checking to see if it came. 
I doubt very much he believed me cos I'm not a liar but he can't call me on it.

So I have left a message leaving my mobile number, the mobile that I hardly use cos I hate the buggery things, so now I have to carry it around in my pocket, (note to self - wear something with a pocket),  but I will try to call them again first thing, or try to stay out of his way.  I have got dentist and need to go into town so hopefully will try then too.  I hope this is a local, ie very local place I can get to, cos I rarely leave the house for more than a couple of hours and don't drive out of town, If it doesn't work then, well I don't know.

It's not really a Control Thing, just a control thing, insecurity on his part probably because he fucked around in the past.  (He actually has a small bit of paper with ILU (I love you) and a phone number - the dick doesn't realise it is one of HIS old mobile numbers as he has had a lot of phones and it is a message he sent to my number probably by mistake (he checked my phone once or twice I think). Twat. My phone is old, basic, same number, no pin and usually lying around charging up so I never remember to take it out with me, silly mare.

He  has only sent I love you twice to me - once by mistake and once when I left the house in a state because of what happened six years ago (another story, another time), that's it, that's all.  I am waiting for him to ask me about it because I dust the bedside table and pick it up and put it back every time lol.  It won't get thrown away until he caves in and asks and I will tell him he is a Dick.

Had long phone chat with BF (mainly so Th FW couldn't use the phone) and am appalled by her lack of care for her nearest and dearest, she is putting herself first and tho I sympathise a bit with her, I fall on the side of her daughter/baby grandson and her elderly mother.  She is seriously talking about leaving the area next year when her youngest daughter leaves school. So my daughter and I lose our best friends.....great that's another female leaving me.

Change of Subject - I need to decide whether to intervene/chat with niece and nephew about Stuff, do I need this shit, or do I leave it and regret it later further down the line, I have always told them I will come running if they need me, and I will no matter what, but do I say the unsayable.   Also, do  I tell Bro his ex wife is engaged before the ink is dry on the Decree Absolute.  God I hate my family.

Sleep now, tired x

And the day started so well, too.

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