Friday, 5 October 2012

Today I did not shower.........

because i couldn't be arsed.

Instead I

: actually vacuumed some floors - go me!
: cleaned the downstairs loo - whoop whoop!
: worked on the Blanket of Doom - the best light is in the kitchen in the morning
: did a wool wash - steady on girl
: made a great loaf - that will be gone in an instant
: made some so-so rolls for the burger dinner (first and last time) - ever
: danced a lot in the kitchen - nobody saw
: two letters from school - prizegiving/tracking sheet As and Bs - gorgeous  girl
: had cup of tea and chat with girlfriend of son - sweet but 'teachery'
: caught up with some Tivo crap - (watch 1 hour and record 3 hours each night!)
: worked on gorgeous girls blanket (lucy inspired) and watched Strictly- woohoo
: muttered occasionally to myself about The FW's family - grrrrrrr.

Yesterday the lovely middle son accompanied me to the hated asda, we did well and talked and laughed our way round. 
Then had a phone call lasting nearly two hours with BF (oh shit, the phone bill!!) about her back procedure and my crap.  Bless her, she says she is always around when I need her (er no actually, mostly off the the midlands with new boyfriend), and that I can always talk to her (er again no actually, usually during a 59 minute phone call the first 53 mins is all about her stuff, then I get 6 mins and then the kitchen timer goes and bye bye!)*
I sound like a meanie but as usual I give more than I get, sorry I'm whining again.

Hoping for a decent weekend - Blanket of Doom, baking cakes for Saturday (we have 'normous breakfast, I make cakes and then leave the kitchen - tivo time), hopefully bath the stinky dog including trimming his gob and his giblet area, Sunday lunch, leave kitchen, tivo time again (during tivo time I crochet or do the mending)

{sshh whisper I am going to try and tidy the house next week, don't say it out loud as some bollix will put the kibosh on that}

always your true and most affectionate friend,

Susan x

PS Showering will be resumed tomorrow.

* sometimes The FW listens in on the other phone..bastard


  1. You have achieved a lot more than I have today then. What is Tivo?

    1. Tivo is the american version of sky+ or virgin (don't know what they call it? (where you record/save tv programmes to watch later), trouble is I can only manage to watch about an hour then end up recording 3, and now Strictly has started! I have so many documentaries/dramas to watch I need a whole week with my arse on the sofa. Sigh, I can but dream!


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