Tuesday, 20 November 2012

With a little help....

This evening I did something rather clever...
with help from a sooper dooper bloggy type 'diamond' person, I made some changes to my page.
I look 'real' now.
Go me.

PS I don't want to sound too sad and desperate but if you are in any way, y'know not busy like, you could maybe press ma button........y'know if ya feel like it......yes, no, yes?


  1. Pressed! But what for? Confused now...

  2. Glad you got yourself sorted :) just got to get some pictures in now, keep meaning to say that I love the rose on your banner - is one from your garden?

  3. Yes it is, daughter took the picture. I have no idea of the name tho, as the garden is The FW's domain.
    Have tried to upload (is that the term) a picture when 'following' other blogs to no avail. Will have a go properly later.
    Cheers me dear.


This is a place for me, to try and make sense of my world, and my place in it. My family and friends do not know about this, I need some privacy, peace and freedom.
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