Monday, 12 November 2012

Well, today I..

...did some cleaning, using Mrs Thrifty's recipe for home made sprays, and they worked a treat

...finished daughter's fingerless gloves (adding a ladybird button) after several frogging sessions.  It was a shit pattern but I got there in the end.  Now finishing another pair for daughter's friend.  Then must do some more X*** stuff.

...faffed around

...didn't phone BF though I thought about it

So a not quite unproductive day.

Tomorrow's plan is
1) to walk in to town (long walk there up and down hills) to get hair cut, buy bugs for son's lizardy thing, library etc
2) not put petrol in car* 
3) not go and visit FiL
4) do online asda shop for the heavy stuff.

*I only use car to go to supermarket, and occasionally collect daughter from friend's house and, because I do not have any spare cash to put petrol in it. As The FW goes up pub every night which is in next-but-one village, he can put petrol in the damn thing, it's always bloody empty!

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