Wednesday, 7 November 2012

College Open Day

Oh my am I overwhelmed.  Yesterday dear daughter told us it was college open day and that she was going there with her friend and his parents.....ermm no actually it is OUR job to take you.  She was not happy and I wondered what she was saying to others about us.  I know we aren't a jolly house but we are quiet and we don't row at all, I know that she is super-sensitive to the atmosphere and I can't say anything to her about The FW like I can the boys.

Anyhoo, to college we went and because my eldest son teaches there his colleagues and department head were very pleased to see us and to get to know her, and were impressed with her work ethic and interest in the two courses she needs to make up her mind about (both closely connected and therefore easily changeable if necessary).  It is ironic that she may end being taught by her brother, something that amazed the department head.

The feeling that my son is so admired by his colleague and boss to the point that they made a course to keep him because he was (at the time) the only one able to take the course, is overwhelming and that he was, due to circumstances and his talents,  teaching year 1 students when he was in year 2 and later whilst he was doing his BSc at the uni he was teaching a 'difficult year group' at the college and had them eating out of his hand made me so proud.

These last few months of daughter's schooling will fly by with agonising slowness, we have been 'in education' for 21 years without a break and the changes we have seen have been huge (politics and education should not mix!).   My daughter's homework and revision schedule and the constant exam taking (she started the English Baccalaureate last year) is mind boggling, she excels in the subjects she hates and has had to give up the subjects she loves! On Friday she is taking an English mock exam even though she got an A in the real exam she took a few weeks ago WTF! So I want to make extra certain that she is happy in college.  I know she can't wait and loves the little city the college is in.

Middle son is enjoying his job too, I think it is a little more challenging than he thought.  But to be paid for being a good, kind, empathetic, caring person also overwhelms me.

Even though I feel like a pile o' crap I think I did good with my kids, that's all I need to know right now.

Gonna watch Dallas now, need to rest my brain!

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