Friday, 30 November 2012

So, here's the thing.......

How come I can just pick up the post, open it and then.....actually deal with it like there has never been a problem with my stoopid head. 

I have just spoken to the water company, had a nice chat and she is sending out a form (yaaarrgh) to get help with the water so The FW can have the pain-relieving therapeutic showers/baths he needs.

I have also spent some fab time decoupaging my cubby thing to go in the fugly desk.  Ok it has been set up to do this for about a week and I am only about half way through, but it is looking good, and I am so chuffed with myself I danced a little jig!!

And I feel ok, I mean really, really ok. 
Please dear God this lasts, please, please.



  1. Yes, keep doing the happy dance!

  2. little things like that can really make your day x

  3. so glad to hear that you are feeling on the up, I too hope this stays with you.
    much love x

    1. Good to see you Isabelle, hope you are ok. x


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