Tuesday, 13 November 2012

'Ere guess wot...

Y'know yesterd@y when I s@id I w@sn't going to put petrol in the c@r?  Well I only bloody h@d to didn't I!  This is wh@t h@ppened - on finding out I was going into town he g@ve me his credit c@rd @nd number @nd s@id to put £30 in @s he w@s going to see FiL @nd go get supplies for his new venture (m@king model r@ilw@y trees, doing quite well too) but guess wh@t the bloody number w@s wrong and there w@s  @ huge queue @nd the petrol h@d been pumped, so it went on my c@rd grrrrrr.  Yesterd@y he put £30 in v@n cos he c@n drive th@t when the c@r is empty,  I c@n't, its sh@nks's pony for me. Bumholes.

Oh tomorrow I will be going round old friends for get together, c@ke etc but I won't be going to the Horder Centre Crowborough with BF for her consult@nts @ppointment, cr@psie, I forgot @nd she didn't remind me either hmmm.  I usu@lly go to these to cheer her up @nd keep her going. We used to l@ugh like two old cr@zee l@ydees

ps c@n you guess which letter isn't working too well on l*ptop, I feel like @ Ronnie B*rker sketch!! *grin*

NB Ronnie B@rker of The Two Ronnies comedy show, he used to do sketches using wordpl@y ie "four c@ndles", look it up, it's re@lly funny!

Night x

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