Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Oh poop......

Today it is a month to middle son's birthday which means there is less than a month to C*****mas. oh poop.

I have just done a small budgetty type thing as aforementioned son has just been paid and will therefore give me the money back that I have lent him to tide him over and also his first month's housekeeping.  What with the food shop and putting the teeny tiny tax credits straight into my No 2 account for the gas/electric/water bills there is no extra money left, for anything. oh poop.

I did last weeks food shop on my small credit card so that has to be paid back.  Plus the other credit card that I used for last Christmas.  I chopped in some premium bonds to pay that back last January, then didn't because the gas and electric needed to be paid and The FW hadn't got any money to pay them so therefore here I am nearly in December with last Xmas credit card bill still to pay.  oh poop.

I have spent the last few days sobbing, and trying to stay motivated and keep on top of things but it is not working.  My energy levels are at an all time low.  Eldest son had to help cook dinner yesterday even though he is not a kitchen type person, luckily it was simple sausage and mash.

Tomorrow middle son will help me with a very well planned asda shop and on the way home pick up my cylinder vacuum cleaner I lent to BF 2 years ago to help her out.  I need it back now as I am struggling with the hideous Dyson The FW bought that same year.  (It sounds extravagant being a two vacuum cleaner family but there are practical reasons why, ie I am a small person and I can't really lug them up and down the stairs and we have a largish house*).

After that The FW wants to visit his mum in the home and I am going too because I haven't seen her for ages.  I hope I can put a good 'face' on.

There is a chance I may be offline soon cos The FW has not paid the virgin media bill today (he hinted a couple of days ago he may not have the money to, he also thought that I was still receiving his working tax credit he had signed over to my bank account (like £70 a month was going to pay £300 per month worth of bills!),  even though I explained to him it would only happen once as he no longer works therefore will not get working tax credit any more - durr.  He still goes up pub every night, contributes (a lot) to their monthly cheesy nibble snack night, and also buys branded expensive food to eat at home 'cos he doesn't like the value stuff I buy!

Although I get fed up when the tv disappears, he needs the interweb more than me because he is making and selling model railway stuff on the Bay of E.  This is what is funding his pub life.

So, mucho poopo to be dealt with. 

A Bientot my beauties x

* before you get all poopsie on me cos we have a big house, we were foster carers for a while until our daughter was traumatised and I had to stop.

PS - strange talk at dinner of stepson's partner wanting me to join the Book of Face so she can talk to me!!!  Um why not phone me.......!! The FW said she was a shitstirrer, why would he say that, and why would she want to talk to me, we are not exactly BFF.  Curious I am.

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  1. I hope you a a bit cheerier now? It must be very difficult for you to put up with all that and I wish I could help.

    When I was married and had a two storey house I had two vacuum cleaners too, same reason as you, small body and not much strength.

    As for the Book of F, I have an account but I can't recall when I last posted even a comment on it. Shy away from it all m'dear, save yourself more heartache.

    Hugs. xx


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