Thursday, 1 November 2012

tee hee

Had my first 'nasty' comment today, am deciding whether to publish it, can of worms, or fuck you moment, which is it to be.  Dearest R how sweet you are, you have no idea do you. The man is NOT providing for me actually love and has never given me a fuckin bean except for his own comfort.  Whenever I inherited or saved money he made sure he got his hands on it and is now after eldest son's money!!!!!! I have no skills worth being paid for and there are no pissin jobs in this damn town anyway.   After nearly 30 years of hard physical slog The FW has knackered his back. You obviously have no clue about depression either do you.  It's not about being 'happy', it's about not being 'unhappy'.  Anyway it's my blog and I'll whinge if I want to.

Normal service warts 'n' all will be resumed after I stomp up and down a bit.

PS If anyone gives a shit the arm doesn't hurt this morning so I was being a tit after all.

PPS  shall I add the dear reader's comment, I know other blog writers don't and then write an 'answer' and I am always curious to know what was said.


  1. Too right it's your blog. Everyone needs space to vent whether that be about the good, the bad or the ugly. You take care if you.
    Anne xx

    1. oh yes lets see the comment , then we all can have a bit of a larf!
      had my share of shitty comments in my time... I kind of enjoy them once in a while!

  2. I've in the past had some rather 'choice' comments, I tend not to print them but answer as you have, in the main body of the post. That way I can let others know how I feel. If you just publish the comment, it sort of looks like you are taking the comment and rolling with it. The blog is yours and you are entitled to vent your spleen as you wish. You can ( I think) block comments from certain folk.

    Keep going, depression is quite debilitating and it affects many folk many different ways - we all have our ways to cope. xxxxx


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