Thursday, 29 November 2012

Today I did not cry........

Nothing has changed, everything is the same and yet.....and yet, I did not cry this morning, I got on with the busy, slightly stressful day and felt almost, but not quite, sort of okay.

Had brief visit with MiL, she seems to be settling in care home and hoping for a bigger room at some point.

Had a couple of interesting chats with each boy 'bout life and shizz and, at last have started on The Edge of daughter's crochet blanket, yippedeedoodah.

We still may go offline, possibly in about an hour 'cos virgin bill still not paid, sigh.  I think mugsy here will have to pay 'cos daughter needs the 'portal' for school work.  (I remember them old days when the teacher made you write the homework in your Rough Book, remember them? That's the seventies for you).

I don't know what happened overnight, is there still an 'ormone 'anging abaht!

N'night my pets x

PS If I go 'way for a bit, I won't be far I promise.


  1. Fingers crossed that you can stay online AND that you don't have to fork out for it.


  2. aaarrgh, forked out for it about an hour ago, 'cos The FW hadn't realised that his certificate ran out and he didn't get his benefit. On the other hand it was inevitable really. deep sigh. On the other, other hand I am feeling better today, go me!! *chortle*


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