Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Just a quickie.......

Today I phoned daughter's school.  They are failing her examwise.  It is a total fuck up.  Hoping to meet with a 'Learning Leader'.  That'll be a form tutor then.  Her school has 'communities' rather than forms.  These communities include all the ages which is a Good Thing.  Her targets and achievements are in the As and Bs, but the exam marking is C and D.  I am furious.  She works very hard and is brighter than her brothers at the same age.  But she will not achieve the grades that she is expecting to because of the poxy exam fuckup marking.  I want to scream. 

I am counting the days til school is over.  After 21 years of watching the political involvement in education ie league tables, school changes (to academy) and the introduction of the English Baccalaureate, (apparently the next year will be ok because the school is 'practising' on this year's kids. grrr) I have had enough.

I have written a letter to Michael Gove but will send it tomorrow after I have read it again.

Not that it will make any difference except to make me feel better.  (Another government minister being ranted at by a middle aged woman lol).

The cat is watching underneat the cooker and adjoining cupboards verrrry carefully, gulp!

The dog is hesitating about jumping up on to the sofa, he is usually very nimble oh dear.

A bientot my chickens, tomorrow is another day x

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  1. Sock it to them, my duck, don't let them get away with spoiling her chances in life!


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