Saturday, 6 April 2013

The sun came out...which was nice

The wind is bitter (a bit like my feelings larf), and the sun was bright.  Hanging washing on the line, walking the dog, all good things.  Daughter came with me to cemetery yesterday (Friday) as it would have been mum's 92nd birthday, we took more daffodils and brought back the ones that didn't open in the cold.  My word it was bloomin' freezing.

Last night The FW talked me into trying a suite of furniture in the tv room.  He sleeps in there.  He is still picking up furniture etc all over our area to put into auction.  The lad is doing this with used to work for our company in the Before Time.  There are a lot of comings and goings and cups of tea required every time they walk in the door.  The dog is freaked by The Lad and The Lad is freaked by the dog.  All of this is not conducive to a quiet life.

Aaaanyway, to get this furniture in place (a corner suite with a sofa bed) all the other modular seating had to come out and Eldest Son and The FW started doing their Mr Shifter impressions (anyone remember the PG Tips ad).  They took the feet off, then the door off and then the architrave off.  I was not amused.  He was putting a heap of effort into this, something that he does not do when it is my idea.  At the end when we sat down, after a few moments staring at the tv in exhaustion I said, and I quote - "its too big, isn't it".  And everyone agreed and it was decided it would all come out the next day.  And so it did.

Whilst this was going on, the dog got upset because his evening snooze time wasn't happening (he is exausted by 6pm because he trots around with me all day up and down the stairs etc) and he bit me (no blood) several times on the hand and daughter was saying loudly "why does dad sleep down here" at least twice. 

I really have to rein in and not tell her the ugly truth.  Eldest Son told me today that he had a long chat with her a few days ago and had to choose his words carefully when explaining an unpleasant truth about her dad (about being a liar, therefore thinking everyone else is lying as well) and using the word 'people' instead of 'dad'.

When Middle Son came in after his early shift this afternoon, he poked his head in the tv room door and said "did I dream there was new furniture in here last night and all the old stuff was in the sitting room".  "Yes", says I.  "Your head is full of snot and you are imagining things".

My doggie is getting more and more psychotic with all the stuff going on: the cat being allowed the litter tray indoors meaning his food area has been moved, last night he finally succumbed and peed up it.  The comings and goings of someone who is scared of him and therefore scares him.  The neighbours will be renewing the fence this week and the Enemy Dog lives there so our doggie's freedom will be curtailed.  The workmen will drive him batshit crazy with all the to-ing and fro-ing out the front and along the side of the house and all the way down the back.  He stands on the front window sill barking (shrieking) then leaps off, hares round to the back door, leaps through the cat flap as if the demons of hell are after him and runs up and down the side barking like a frickin' maniac.  One crazy time he took the flap part with him as he shot through it leaving a fuckoff great hole in the door.

To be fair there is rarely a quiet moment, what with doorbells ringing, people coming and going, daughter's up and down moods, two grown men peering at their phones then flying off to pick up some kind of shit from all over the place.  Odd bits of furniture everywhere and slightly worrying stuff in the post.

I find that lots of little annoying things are happening to affect my fragile psyche, silly things like the tv in the bedroom stopping working, the cat litter tray indoors, silly money things like ordering daughter's birthday present twice and having worries about getting the money back (a checkout didn't clear on one website so I thought the order hadn't gone through, found out 24 hours later it had and it's a foreign company bugger).  Missing yet another phone call from the counselling people but at least I have a different phone number to call when I get the chance.  The realisation that the £100 The FW promised for bills has been forgotten and also Daughters's savings return that has to happen in the next few days too.  Thinking the fugly desk was ruined when The FW left the desktop (painted only one side) standing on end in a freezing garage turning it banana shaped, bah!.  Knowing Best Friend Y has not phoned and I will have to phone soon to make arrangements for the London Trip. 

Daughter has told me she doesn't like her (to be fair she doesn't like many females) because when coming home from her BF's dance show and they were all happy and full of praise, apparently Y told her daughter she was ugly!!!!!  This has happened on more than one occasion,  I have my suspicions why she does this, it grieves Daughter and I very much when this happens.

I am not In The Pits of Hell this week but there are rumblings behind me which I am pretending not to hear.

So, there we are, the merry doings of this shortish, plumpish, plainish, nearly 51ish, slightly dotty old bat, (pirhouette and jazz hands).


I pray Dear Lord for some boring quiet alone time.


  1. It sound like you are having an eventful time at the moment. I couldn't help laughing at your dog running around with the catflap still attached.
    How has your daughter taken the news that her dad is not quite the person she thought?

    1. I haven't the heart to tell her. I hope that I never have to, even though I would get justification, it wouldn't be fair to her. The boys know some, not all, and have come to their own conclusions about their father. I keep telling myself to move on, let go and make the best of the Now. I will try.
      Love to you.


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