Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Feeling quite chatty.....

Today has probably been the best day for a long time. 

The last couple of days I have felt able to clean the house a little.  With a clear head and determination (and aching muscles and dermatitis breakout but still manageable).  There is still heaps to do and much tidying and decluttering to be done.  I am months behind all you more organised bloggists, I always was a late starter. 

The FW has been quite busy in the garden, tidying and sorting the ponds (yeah two, whatever).  He has freecycled a ton of fish (one big bugger - yuck) and a filtration whotsit thingy.  So he's happy (and hurting a lot).

After the cleaning bout I went into town to buy cat food (and forgot) and charity shopped my crazy head off, thinking I would try it all on at home and bring most back.  Yuh, right.  Apart from a couple of tops to be returned I have one for Y (the best friend) and a skirt i CS'ed last year and is now too big...when did that happen...and also daughter has nabbed two that were too small for me and baggy enough for her.  All of the skirts I picked up (6 for about £18ish) fit (one slightly too small but it is so nice I am going to keep it), 2/3 tops, a short sleeved tailored shirt/jacket type thing and a loose fitting khaki shirt.  I like loose fitting for the hot weather.  I don't suit exposed flesh (too chickeny) and am allergic to the sun.

I realised earlier that I had forgotten the dentist, bum.  So still have that to look forward to.  I have a telephone assessment from the counselling/CBT service next week, which is ironic dontcha think.  Daughter has to have another cardiac outpatient appointment because she has been moved from the paediatric department.  Obviously I had to turn down all dates until the beginning of July because of exams (17 individual ones!!). 

What else, oh yeah, The FW has sold the van and that goes on Monday.  It will be odd without that on the drive.  I wonder what his plans are for the money, ho hum.  There may be ructions if he pays off his credit card (the one he uses up the pub, yeah you read that right, he buys his beer on a credit card - go figure) and not mine that has been used to pay the household bills.  I may shout a bit.  Or worse, go quiet.  In my family they fear the Deadly Quiet.   I will tell all.

I am so glad Ann won the Great British Sewing Bee.  She is such a charmer, wish she was my mum!

My word I have to open the bedroom window!  Last night I had a hot water bottle, tonight I can't breathe.

I hope you all had the lovely sun, and the warmth, with no coats, or scarves, and the patio doors open til 9 o/c.  Marvellous!

Night all


PS You should see this room - boxes of crap, bags of yarn and UFOs, pillows waiting for crochet covers, mess, and tape measures as I'm thinking of moving the bed (huge bed for a little person), a vacuum cleaner and a bucket of cleaning gear,  no wonder it's hard to sleep.  Tackling this job including the storage spaces will require the right weather and time/space continuum.

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