Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Assessment Results

"As part of your assessment we looked at the outcome measure questionnaires you had completed.  Your Patient Health Questionnaire score was 19 indicating moderate to severe depression and your Generalised Anxiety Disorder score was 17 indicating severe anxiety.  Your Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation score was 24 indicating moderate to severe levels of overall pschological distress.  Your score for risk to yourself was 5/24."

So that's me then.

But, once again, as what happened 5 and a bit years ago after the physical distress and pain with menorrhagia (started 5 days before my 45 birthday and didn't stop for 3 months resulting in anaemia) by the time I got to see a consultant it had gone away and never came back.  And then this time when I get an appointment and a diagnosis I am feeling a little better.  Which is good - but what worries me is what the score would have been, say three weeks ago, or six weeks ago.

My timing, as ever, is shit.

So, we shall see what happens next.  Do I tell The FW.  Or not. 

On the other hand the best friend knows, I read the above paragraph to her.  I think she was quite surprised, but we didn't dwell on it.  She had the grandson with her.  He is very cute and distracting.


PS I guess I was so distracted I ended up this evening talking, actually conversing with the Kent County Council Conservative Candidate.  My Dad would turn in his grave.  Sorry Dad.

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