Monday, 8 April 2013

I have an appointment!!

At last, at last.  I looked at my phone and there was a missed call.  Again.  So I phoned and left a message.  Again.  Finally, after an afternoon of missed calls I managed to speak to a Person.  (I believe my lickle oldie mobile is Deceased, Expired, an Ex-mobile. bum).

So, it seems that I am registered (correct word?) at two offices in This Town and the Next Town Over.  How?  When I realised that Our Town clinic had not shut down as I thought it had when I got the letter last year, the letter that said did i want to continue and be transferred to Next Town Over that that is what had happened and I was disappointed and disheartened that they had shut (so I thought) the same month I had asked for help.  Paranoid? Moi?

Anyhow, when the Lovely Lady said that they had only transferred me because they were too overwhelmed, I wept and said that I had been walking past their office at least once a week, that it was too difficult to get to the Next Town Over (who had said they were hoping to open an office in This Town) and was despairing for help.  I said that all this time when I was in such a bad place and you were here all the time and I didn't know. 

Can you imagine how I feel.  That this is something that others go to their GP, get referred, wait a period of time for that appointment, but still, get that appointment in the normal, usual manner.  But not so for me, how did it happen that when I finally, finally ask for help the whole of My Town does so too and indeed why is it that I have to be the one that has to a) get put into Next Town Over's clinic, when I don't drive far (there are reasons) and am trying to be private with this and because there is always someone at home it isn't always easy to go out unless I 'report out'  I can't just put my coat on and go and come back without some questioning.  Not in a Bad Way but you know what I mean.

Anyway, an appointment I have and guess what - I have a doctor's appointment on Monday at 9am, a bit early for me nowadays but still I managed to make one so it's all good (or not) but you guessed it the counselling appt is on Monday at 10 45.  So I have to go out twice.  The GP one is a lovely lady doctor who takes her time, so I will get into that one probably at 930 and out at 950, then home, turn round and out again.  I am hoping The FW is auctioning that day, please God.  If he is then I won't go home but walk via the LYS and buy yarn to cheer me up.  No doubt I will have stronger prescription and a list of bloods required.  Great.

I have also made the Dreaded dentist appointment too, I went a little crazy the other day when I had to collect my blood pressure medication and booked these things because I knew I couldn't go on neglecting myself.

When talking to the Lovely Lady, she asked a lot of questions that made me think (horrid ones like, Am I a danger to others or Have I thought of suicide).  I'm not and I haven't but you know I have wondered what it would be like to not be here anymore, to maybe walk out that door and keep walking.



  1. I am delighted that you have a counselling appointment. Better than the ones through the NHS where the number of appts is usually limited to about 6. Counselling is difficult and challenging but very very worthwhile. I hope it goes well for you. xxx

  2. Hi Susan
    I have only just started to read your posts so I am not familiar with your problem but its sounds as though things are far from right for you with life.
    I am a blog friend of Donna and funnily I see that she reads your blog as well so maybe we are on the same wavelength.
    I hope your appointment gets you started on the road to where you want to be. Life's a bummer sometimes isn't it?

  3. Hi
    so pleased they finally managed to book you in. Been a long time coming me thinks. Take care you deserve to be in a happier place xxxxx

  4. Good to hear you have finally got the appiontment. the start of better things.


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