Saturday, 13 April 2013

SquareBob SpongePants

The title says it all - this is the sort of thing that sends us four (me, daughter, best friend and her daughter) into shrieking, hurting, gasping, public displays of hilarity.  I know, you had to be there.

This was on the train home from the Street Photography workshop in Soho.
My feet ache and my belly hurts from laughing and eating 'bad' food.

Other stuff has happened too.  Boring and dreary, but still, stuff.
I will try and tell more tomorrow night.

It was a good day marred only by the coming home shit.  Like not having a cup of tea made for me even though I am knackered and only want tea and pyjamas.  I haven't been out for a jolly since June, but still I have to be 'punished'.  Instead I have to wash up and clear the Breakfast!  Including scraping scrambled egg from the non nonstick pan.  And then finally upstairs to find the chaise longue gone from the bedroom (I can't remember if I have told you that story) and all the stuff on the floor where the dog will probably scent mark it.  Great.  I have still to write and wrap daughter's birthday stuff.



  1. So glad you had a fun day. don't let the bad stuff spoil your memories.
    I would have left the washing up until the morning (after breakfast of course)and had my cup of tea then gone to bed.
    When my husband complains about my housekeeping I leave his underwear in the washing basket when I do the washing so that he runs out of it.

  2. Good that you had a nice day out and a good laugh - Hope your daughter has a lovely birthday xxx


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