Sunday, 14 April 2013

The sixteenth birthday

Totally random crochet gift photo, just to see if I could remember how to add a pic. I could.

Thank you for asking, we had a good birthday for the teenage girl.

The weekend as a whole was quite pleasant.  My fears did not arise, for which I am glad.  I have been quite pessimistic in recent months which is not my usual self.

Anyway, whatever.  I woke reasonably early and started to wrap presents and write cards whilst my eyes were still crusted shut. nice.  Then chuck clothes on and make a cake and do the boring chores and then make tea and present opening time.  It was quite sedate, but cheerful and smiley. 

Later whilst waiting for the people that were popping in to pop in I had a shower, then took the dog for a windy walk.  The FW went and got the cheesecake(s!), huge huge cheesecakes and took a great photo of the girl posing with three celebration cakes. 

After her cousin and the boyfriend visited (a long chatty, laughing visit)  I had to order more presents for a 21st birthday next week and a party to go to, hope I am in the mood next Saturday.

Tomorrow it is appointments (one of which was supposed to send a questionnaire which of course has not arrived in my inbox, no surprise there).

Tomorrow is also back to school and an exam, although they gone up the pub tonight even though she is tired -  takes after her dad, then.

By the way, The FW's benefits have been stopped, which he doesn't seem to see the significance of, ie full council tax to find which is an extra £170 to find each month.  I knew last week that I was at saturation point before that blow.  He has also decided that selling things at auction was too hard for his health for little or no gain.  I am glad and not so glad because at least he was out of the house for a few hours a day.

On Thursday he realised that he had no money (still went to pub though, and I have found many pub receipts for amounts like £19.70 and £15.60 etc, although I need to check whether it is debit or credit card).  This has concentrated his mind wonderfully and the Mercedes dealership offered him a good price for the van (in great nick and low mileage) and that will pay eldest son some of his money owing (I hope) and I think deal with the business loan for the van and tidy that up.  He has also looked into the endowment (a good amount) that will sort out the second loan/mortgage and leave some for credit card repayment (for both of us I will insist on that, but he will try to wiggle out of mine I am sure).  He says that will leave us with no insurance but I thought that was the case anyway so no matter.

I have to say he is good at talking the talk but never follows through - to mix a metaphor or two.

Note A - The above pic is a baby gift for friend's great-niece to be.  I have promised to interest this blog up a bit.  Brain too foggy to deal with until now.  I vow to do better.

Note B - the heart softie is from here (I am hyperventilating because I may have just linked something.  Please let me know if it works - I may cry).

Note C - We were only two streets away from the Trafalgar Square demo on Saturday, it was very boomy and shouty.  So we went to Burger King.  As you do.



  1. Oh you clever thing! Your link worked :) Glad birthday weekend went well, and fingers crossed for your appointment, am think of you x

    1. Thank you. It is an odd (nice) feeling that people that have never met me think of me and people who are in my life, don't.

      I am grateful to the lovely people who read this ol' blog and send uplifting messages.

      Whilst walking up and down the road yesterday (twice) I wrote in my head too, then forgot by the time I switched on. hey ho.

  2. beautiful blanket and heart.

    1. Thank you. Colours picked by friend, but they worked well together and the unusual pattern which usually is in one block colour, after 3 (4!) false starts and some muttering it turned out ok. The heart was an extra from Bunny Mummy's pattern to use up the yarn.


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