Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Claudia Winkleman...I love her

Now I don't like programmes like Masterchef or Great British Bake off etc.  A crime I know.  But, you know I saw the Sewing Bee advertised (can't remember the title and I only watched it a couple of hours ago) and thought, I will watch and 'zone out' the dramatic detail stuff and concentrate on the mechanics of sewing and the finished garments. 

Well I loved it and it reinforces my desire to make clothes and cushions etc.  I have a cheapie Argos sewing machine from years ago and had thought that the bobbin race was broken until an internet search told me I needed a new needle.  Well bugger me, says I, all this time I have been hand sewing curtains etc, what a fool I am.

Let's be absolutely clear that I do not fancy the gorgeous tailor on the show (again I have forgotten the name but who cares), no indeed not a jot - (liar).

To change the subject a little I have today made appointments for:
 - the hairdresser, I look like Paul McCartney in the 60s at the moment
 - the dentist oh my
 - the gp now that the lovely lady doc is back.  I have some slight niggly health concerns at the moment.  I have neglected myself very badly this past year.

I keep looking at the Link button and wondering what the hell to do with it, and I would like to add interesting pics etc and wonder how they are found and added, ie the judges on the Sewing Bee prog so you can see which slightly attractive person I like to look at ;-).

Darling Girl and I spent a pleasantly amusing morning cleaning and sorting her room.  I would love to show you a photo, but can't take the risk of it being spotted.  My family are more computer savvie than I.  She is very artistic and has a 'Smash' wall covered in notes, mementos, cartoons etc.  She has strings across the room with pegs holding funny little drawings and mini models. There are her drawings of the female form, manga style, and the calender pictures from Loish at Deviantart.  She told me the Christmas before last that she was gay.  I am leaving that where it is for the moment.

Night all

Welcome craftycatcorner to this little corner of Blogland.


  1. Funny you should post on Claudia, we are just listening to her on the radio and someone asked her what kind of boiler she had, she answered 'A white one' this is typical of her and what makes her so lovely.
    I watched the sewing bee and in the past made all of my clothes but watching this has made me want to have a go again.
    The bake off is okay but I can't stand the voice of that bloke. I like a man with a nice deep manish voice. lol

  2. I read every one of your blog posts. Sorry not to have commented for awhile but I've been with my black dog xxx
    You write so well and from the heart - don't worry about pictures, there's time. Just keep writing. It really is cathartic.
    I also enjoyed the sewing programme, although I have to say I didn't notice the presenters apart from Claudia Winkle-thingy. I just loved all the sewing!!
    Take it easy on yourself, and keep us posted re: your health checks. xxx

  3. Hi susan. Have popped over to your blog from Frugal's. You sound like you're doing great considering what's going on in your life :-)
    Argh missed the sewing programme...will have to see if I can catch up with it somewhere!
    Take care x


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