Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Appointment

This is the 2nd attempt of this shawl, the first was huuumongous, this was still big!

More random crochet makes, fishing for compliments, moi?

Actually there were two, one at GP who offered me antidepressants. What!  This is the same GP in October who said 'counselling is for you'.  Silly mare.  Anyway she has doubled my blood pressure tablets. great.

So, then, the other appointment.  Or should I say Appointment with a capital A that it so deserves.  This was the assessment that should have taken about 20 minutes and to look over the questionnaire previously sent.  Or Not.

It took an hour and a quarter and I had to fill in two questionnaires.  Boy, that was tough.  With some serious questions to think about.  Did not like that.  Tough questions about the S word (no, never).

Afterwards I had to take the stressed, depressed, traumatised head off and put on the pretendy-organised mum/wife head and go to bank and chemist and buy dog biscuits.  And you wonder why I am quite demented!  And I had walked out and back twice.  Knackered as well!

Today there was some worries about the second hair straighteners that turned up and I had to admit to The FW what had happened.  After letting the credit card company know and then getting cross that he couldn't easily get them back on the phone he has decided to ebay them as they have been authenticated and are obviously brand new.  He also forgot to pick up his medication that he had run out of and loudly said in the other room that it was because he was on phone all afternoon to credit card company.  My fault then.  I have spent the best part of the day feeling guilty and useless and crap.  After that I went upstairs and ironed and then laid on the bed and went to sleep for about 20 mins.  That's a little worrying.

I phoned the best friend in the morning and she actually listened to me for a change, with a little bit of chat about her stuff.   So that was interesting.

So that was my day.  It was odd.  But then, so am I.


PS - just getting showy-offy with the pictures now!


  1. That shaw you have made is stunning I like the ripple balnket also. I want to have a go at doing a ripple but just not got the time at the moment.
    I wouldn't worry about the 20 min nap. You did extra walking yesterday.

  2. OOh your crochet is lovely :-) I wish I could do that!
    I am coming to the end of my counselling (third counsellor in 4 years) and after 6 months with this one I am noticing changes in my life. I am changing, and changes around me follow on from that. It has been challenging and difficult, but so, so worthwhile. For me it was a long slow process - 4 years - but I'm so glad I persevered with it. I hope counselling works well for you, you deserve to have a good outcome.


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