Monday, 4 March 2013

thank you

Thank you to each and everyone for your sweet, helpful and uplifting words.

I cannot express how much I appreciate each of you.

It has taken a couple of days to get back here.  It uses a lot of energy to be 'normal', so that people do not see the 'real' me.  It would be too difficult to explain it to them.

It is really helpful to have this place to let it all hang out and to show the real feelings I am experiencing.

I worry about whinging too much when there is a lot of happy about.  It is very nice to read about it and to see the gorgeous pics. 

I will consider very carefully your lovely request for email correspondence.  I do not want to become a nuisance in your lives, but I do, truly appreciate your offers and will contact you soon.

I have walked the dog in the sunshine and that's a Good Thing.

Thank you, my friends. xx


  1. I'm so glad that the Great Gloom has lifted, if only a little.
    I enjoy the sappy-happy blogs, but I appreciate the nitty gritty ones better because they are authentic and real and truthful. The sappy-happy blogs are good to read, but for me are like candy-floss - sweet and insubstantial.
    You are perfectly fine just as you are. I appreciate my good friends because I don't have to spend any energy being 'normal' when I am with them, they love me just as I am - damaged, quirky, funny, authentic etc just I love them for their true selves.

  2. No you are not bad to want to run and have a little "me"time. I feel like you sometimes trying my best to do what is needed and make some head way for bills decorating(house is desperate for it) pay vet bills and sort out gifts fro people. I try had to make what I need not always good but will get there. Decided I needed to know how to sew some basics and scarped together the money for classes, thankfully my partner stepped in and helped with some pennies. However he seems to be oblivious to the true cost of living and the chronic price hikes that seem to be the norm nowadays,despite me trying to distill in him some level of frugalness. he to has no savings/ Also when shopping for craft bits he buys new always new but tells me "well done" when I take something and re purpose it. this makes him sound away with the fairies he's sorta not. being long term sick makes getting out hard for him but what frustrates is he reads the daily paper so ya think he would know the way things are. So like you deep DEEP breath and off ya go! you sound a delight. I'm with Carrie love authentic people true to themselves life isn't fluffy sometimes it takes a chunk outta yer bum!

    1. You know, hun, though I don't want to sound like a man-hater (I am a bit lol) but it is us girls who are dealing with the financial shit. The blokes haven't got a frickin clue. The FW thinks he is 'helping' by buying food from the local farm shop! Usually what HE eats.

      Thank you for saying I am delightful (pirhouette and flourish), that's the stuff that'll cheer a girl up ;-)

      Much love

  3. Feel free to e-mail me too, Susan.


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