Tuesday, 5 March 2013

So, today then.......

1.  The sun was rather good.
2.  Cleaning dog wee on carpet is not good.
3.  Neither is washing double duvet in bath.
4.  Hanging washing in garden very good.
5.  The FW going to plant seed to harvest for his model making not good*.
6.  Realising will have to pay electric bill on credit very very bad.
7.  Finishing the white (yawn) baby shawl soooo good.
8.  Deciding on and starting border of colourful baby pram blanket well good.
9.  Much appreciated comments definitely good.
10. A new follower makes me feel good.

A very warm welcome and grateful thanks to Donna-little tiny stitches, you made my day!

A better day and some email chat with an old friend (that the baby blanket is for), I have mentioned the D word to her and she is sympathetic, which is quite marvellous because up until 18 months ago did not believe in it!!  She is the dragon lady receptionist that is the fixture at all doctor's surgeries, bless her.  She has three (yikes) teenage daughters and I always make her apologise when she has been harsh to them. We shall call her V.

* The FW makes and sells trees etc for model railways on ebay and usually has spent £28 to make £30, keeps no record of material costs etc and only registers the £30 and thinks he is Alan Sugar!  On the plus side though he is making an effort to sell the van.  I am hoping enough money will be left over to pay Eldest Son what he borrowed from him.

Off to bed now, night night xx

PS  The cast and players of this little show -

The FW: (The F*ckwit) Husband, 59, manipulative/cheating/hypocritical bastard
ES: Eldest Son, 26, studying for PhD and teaching/tutoring to pay for it
YS: Younger Son, 24, Keyworker (previously suffered severe depression/suicidal)
DG: Darling Girl, soon to be 16 (gulp), clever, artistic, major heart surgery at 9
SS: Stepson, 31, father of 3 boys 11/9/5, not close due to slightly chaotic lifestyle.
V: Oldest school friend
S: Best neighbourhood friend
Y:  Best friend, 59 (hahaha, oooh bitchy), previously known as BF, but apparently this means boyfriend lol
H: girlfriend of YS (I love her, she makes him happy)

There is an assorted cast of others, family and friends etc, some of whom have been mentioned in previous posts.  My life is quite crowded, really.  (Sometimes I want to run away and know no-one - am I bad?)


  1. Hi - found you via Froogs blog..... Ive sat and scrolled back and read many of your posts.... stay strong girl, and when your strong enough.... put a plan of action into place for YOU...... please know I understand.... truely.... xx

  2. I do like to read a positive post from you, and this one fits the bill nicely. You have more people in your life than I have in mine and, having thought about that fact, I don't mind at all, not at all.

    Stay smiley!


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