Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I am still in pyjamas.....

but this is not a Bad Thing as I have finally managed to pick up a cleaning cloth and the vacuum.  Yaay for me.

As the two boys and girl are out and The FW has managed to get up at a reasonable time, 8am hooray.   I decided to clean the porch, coat cupboard and hallway.  Not a huge undertaking, but it's a teeny tiny start on the house.

I did not take before and after pics as this is mostly the workaday part of the house.  I have, though, taken a shaming 'before' pic of my beautiful Edwardian dressing table and it is in the sort of state that would have never happened before, when I had a life and cleaning help. (I will add pic later as The FW has my camera lead, the git).

My lovely cleaning ladies, who I still see and chat to sometimes, were an absolute Godsend to this household, we were a busy family, with a home office, and our workmen coming and going (and the house is quite big) and they enabled me to have a couple of years of going out and about with DG and Y and her daughter. 

Unfortunately they were the first things I had to give up (luckily they worked for an agency, so they were ok) and gradually the house is deteriorating.  I have been doing the best I can, but the Deep Clean is the hardest thing, when you have small hands, short in stature and skin that is allergic to everything including the rubber gloves.  I can work for about an hour before it becomes unbearable, and in this house of chaos an hour gets you bloody nowhere!

Nevertheless I have started and have plans to gradually sort and clear and whilst doing that will start a notebook of 'my stuff' that I would keep and stuff to sell if the worst happens.  There is 30+ years of accumulated stuff including my late parent's treasures and there is precious stuff tucked away in storage areas, ie my mother's purse and Caged Bird Society badge and my dad's glasses.

Later I am going to walk the dog to Y's house to collect some flannelette sheets she is getting rid of (pink!) as I have dreams of patchwork/quilting in the future.  I was going to go out sooner but have to stay in and answer phone in case the hospital rings for The FW.  He is having a 48hr (I think) blood pressure machine procedure as he is on many many types of meds that just aren't working.

Have just answered the doorbell and had to refuse the lad selling dusters etc at the door.  I have purchased in the past but can no longer afford to do so.  I feel bad as he looked disappointed and disgruntled all in one expression.

Since starting this post I have showered and dressed, put washing in and out of the machine and on the line and had a scrummy late breakfast of scrambled eggs, wheatgerm toast and cherry toms. yum.

Am now gonna iron whilst waiting for The FW, see you later.


  1. Love the title you've given your hubby - my ex husband has always been known as 'the prat' from the day he walked out even the children call him 'the prat' but your name for your hubby is even better! Love it!! xx

  2. This is a good day. Hang onto it. There will be a mixture of sh1te ones and good ones, but your blog will serve as a 'sum of all your days'. Sending love and hugs xxx

  3. There is nothing wrong in cleaning in your PJ's.
    Your appear to be having a good day. Enjoy it.

  4. well if yer in yer jammies you aink cold n u aint naked! good pluses me thinks! I would look to sell what you can and dont let your AHEM! hubby have a been of it or better still get wind of some of your sales. if you can open an account he knows nothing about do it. Like one commenter said the other day even if i managed to save 50p its my and I feel like I have some power. I am if you would like happy to share some tips on how to cut a corner or two if you are in a head space where you would like that kinda input but OK to if you Award yourself a fave telly prog if you are able
    to sit and have some me time as a reward its free and you can loose yourself for a few. tc xxxxxx


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