Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bed early at 8.48pm

The FW is ill, food poisoning from breakfast at a greasy spoon yesterday (Mon) morning.  So he has gone to bed (he sleeps downstairs, explanation another time).  I suspect there will be disturbances and possibly a call for the doctor or even an ambulance.  He does not deal with illness well, and after a few hours decides that only a doctor's visit or hospital will do.  I cannot persuade him otherwise once he has made up his mind.  I can only hope that he falls asleep for most of the night.

It started this morning with him convinced his new medication was to blame.  Only after napping the morning away did he remember the breakfast.  I felt grimly pleased that his illness is self-induced, (who called me a bitch!).  He is not a good patient and can become impatient and even abusive (even to hospital staff).   He has pretty much dismissed all my aid, ie sipping water, anti cramp medication, hot water bottle etc. 

Later he had to go into his cabin to wrap some ebay stuff until hunger got the better of him (he cannot cope with being hungry unless he is 'dieting').  Then he had a few spoons of jelly, and then when that stayed down a half hour later made himself a black (he says) coffee and had three(!) rich tea biscuits.  He commented that he felt better for the hot drink.  Probably because I did not make him one all day, as that is not best practice for stomach problems.  I visualised him slandering me later in the pub, which I suspected he would be well enough to go to. 

Many years ago he got food poisoning from a local Chinese takeaway that was then closed down a few days later.  It was terrible with several trips to hospital in an ambulance in the middle of the night.  He was always sent home and I spent a ghastly week taking care of him and my boys who were quite tiny.  Eventually on the 5th trip in 5 days I insisted he was kept in so they could see his pain that came on during the day.   During this time I slept barely 1 hour in 24 and was desperate for him to stay in.  It was diagnosed as food poisoning and he managed to eliminate it (yaaargh) himself once home.  This was around the time the news came of the takeway closing.  Right up until last year he has told everyone and anyone that I poisoned him.  So last year I said "that's enough, it wasn't funny the first time and it's not funny now, stop it", he said he didn't know about the Chinese closure but then he always disremembers stuff that doesn't suit him to remember.  I'll bet it's in the local newspaper archives.

Anyhow, at six the boys had soup and he tried some, it was a clear soup, and he had a few spoons but it got the better of him.  He spent some time in the loo, then sat on the sofa groaning.  Eventually he said sorry to be a pain but I want to go to bed, so he did and, so did I. 

I am going to listen to the radio and crochet a bit and hope to God I haven't got to get dressed and sit in A&E later.  (We once spent all night in A&E with cramp in his arm where he had slept funny and then thought he was having a heart attack.  He is such a a hypochondriac!!)

The last few days have not been pleasant and Mother's Day was a bit grim.  Never mind it's all over til next year.


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  1. Oh this all sounds too much! I don't know how you cope. Fingers crossed he sleeps so that you can have P&Q.
    Hopefully the next few days will be better for you.


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