Thursday, 7 March 2013

Although I am dressed........

I haven't showered or indeed cleaned my teeth, mmm fur coat anyone?

The FW has gone to the auction with one of our former workmen today.  I swear if he comes back with boxes of shite I will jump in the fishpond.

We still have the big fruit boxes full of crap from his former forays into that world.  Not only does he think he is Alan Sugar but he is channelling Delboy as well (without the lovable charm).  So I am sneakily chucking out and making piles for the charity shops.  It will be a long job and I may falter along the way but I am trying my very best.

I am sorting through my clothes etc and being quite brutal.  All the lovely, unworn size 14 M&S undies are going to ebay, along with some skirts.  I in the past have kept a fair bit of size 14 stuff, mostly classic, jeans, skirts, tshirts etc but I have to be realistic now, unless the thyroid kicks in again (it won't) I will be size 15 for ever.  Note 14 too small, some 16s too big; couple that with big boobs, narrow shoulders, short arms and legs and pear shaped (used to be hourglass!), you get the picture.

Having a bit of a dip but I am forcing myself out of bed and off my arse every day.

Have just bought bra extenders on ebay (whilst researching selling my undies) so that I can wear the bras I have discovered in the unopened drawer of the dressing table.  We'll see how that works out shall we?

I have several skirts that I will try to wear this spring, including denim and at the moment I am wearing some nice proper brown trousers that were hanging up for posh/semi posh wear.  Well not any more, they will be shortened as I am no longer going to wear heels after the embarrassing falls I have had and they will be worn for day wear.  I need to stop looking like a bag lady.

Time for tea now, do you take sugar? Biscuit?



  1. Hi, saw your comment on Frugal Queen. Hope your day is a good one, and (without wanting to sound too new age) this comment comes with lots of empathy, understanding, positive thoughts and hope for you. I haven't read right through your blog, so sorry if this is old news, but it's worth trying to sell ANYTHING before you give it away! Don't feel any guilt at all about not giving it to a charity shop - if it helps you pay the bills the cash is more important to you than the charity karma. Online sites Preloved and Gumtree are great for getting rid of stuff as they're free and you get the total value of things you sell. Preloved is also good as the adverts last for as long as you renew them and don't expire. So if there's stuff it would be good to get rid of but you're not in a hurry then I reckon an ad on both is worth a try. I've sold a lot this way and never use Ebay unless it's a really desirable item likely to start a bidding war. Also instead of charity, your local Freecycle online group is a great way to get things you need and get rid of things you don't without having the transport costs of going to a charity shop or the tip - you'd be amazed at the things that people want and will take, and equally what there is on offer! I've got rid of a pile of rocks before now! There are people on Freecycle in just as much need as a charity, so you still get the karma points too and it's always nice to meet the people and know that you've made them happy by giving them something they need. All the best to you. xx

  2. Sugar, no biscuit always! lol been going through my clobber as well and as I have lost a little weight I finally decided to give my suits to cats protection. Haven't worn a skirt in YEARS! and now apart from my wedding dress don't think I will. I aspire to become a 16 soooo fingers crossed if I do that enough might not be able to raid the biccy barrel! lol. Any heeeeeeeeeeeew How are you?


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