Sunday, 3 February 2013

When I woke at 5am............

there were blog posts running through my mind, titles 'n everything.  Then I slept and dreamed busy dreams.  I have just woken (at 8am) and feel I should get up and Be In The Kitchen as a Good Wife Should Be.

To remind myself I thought I would put the titles here so that I have something to come back to, some inspiration when my mind is foggy and overwhelmed.

 - The Thyroid Years
 - Why I Look Like A Bag Lady (and not Marilyn Monroe in a potato sack)
 - Why I Cook Meals Like Those In A Badly Run Care Home
 - i can't remember the 4th one dammit.

Now, let's be absolutely truthful here - I have just added Haken en Meer to my blog reading list and the beauty of her work and photos makes me weep.  I look forward to reading and drooling over her pages.  I cannot imagine for one second that the titles above will make anyone weep (even if I include picture, which I can now you know, *preen*) except with boredom and despair.

Never mind, it will be done because I need to explain who I am and why and how and when.

The doggie is whining and needs his breakfast and the cat will trip me up when I walk by, so kitchen is calling and I will see you later.

Big Kiss


  1. I read your blog for your individuality. I am not perfect looking, I swear, fart, burn food, growl and piss people off - I am in fact a real person. Please don't change who you are or weep for who you are not. I hope that you will find the strength one day to look in the mirror and love the person looking back at you; but having been where you are, I know it takes a bloody long time. xx

    1. Oh my, you made me laugh! Yes indeedy the farting, and burping too. Especially when I have eaten too much 'factory' bread.
      As for the swearing, imagine a cross between Catherine Tate's Nan and Mrs Brown (from Mrs Brown's Boys) Oh my.
      We are such Ladies!

  2. Hahaha you made me laugh out loud with your blog titles - I look forward to reading them! Well done on the photo addition - and don't worry about all those 52 weeks of happy stuff, each to their own :)

  3. ...erm, I rather like you as you are.....

    Aspirational blogs have their place, but I'm a real person who calls a spade a blinking shovel and like Fostermummy I swear and fart and have a whole host of other non-inspirational behaviours.
    Keep it real please :-)


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