Sunday, 10 February 2013

What I'm not doing

I am not watching Dancing on Ice.......pissed off that the better skaters are voted off and the crap ones are still on, and the adverts drive me crackers.

I am not completing  the WIPs as I should be, dithering I suspect.

I am not scraping off the unsuccessful paper on the fugly desk and I am not looking for new even though I desperately want it finished and operational.  Obviously not desperate enough. *sigh*.

I am not ordering more yarn as I am afraid to spend money because the car tax is due, the insurance is due and there are mortgage monsters on the horizon.  (interesting words have been spoken to the FW about selling the van, and NOT buying another, because, quite frankly we can't afford to run two vehicles and maybe not even one..... he is not impressed). 

I am not writing any posts ('cept this one har-de-har) because I am reading too many and not being polite enough to leave a comment.  A little bit like coming to your house and peering in your living room window, then buggering off without saying hello.  sorry.

There is a post in the pipeline, it's a bit unwieldy at the moment, I will try to trim it and make it behave, I can't promise anything as it might have to be what it is - a big long blurty load of 'getting it off my chest' type of thing. Ho hum.

My laptop battery is quite exhausted, I must look for a new cheapy one.



  1. We know what you mean about Dancing On Ice. This years programme seams all wrong. And that Jason still very insulting. We are still enjoying the skating though. Joe and Viki left last night.

  2. Morning Carol,
    Joe should have gone last week and Shayne should still be in. I think they are making the celebs do more and sooner than they are ready. I am a big fan of Sir Phillip of Schofield (this will become clear when I write about 2006), not so much of Christine, she should have stayed with Adrian Chiles and The One Show.
    Actually, apart from the odd Drama, I would like to kick ITV's arse. And don't mention Simon Cowell and The X Factor or I will choke on my blood pressure tablet.
    With that rant over I am off to my old chum the washing machine!!

  3. Hi Susan, I pop in here and read every post as it's my way of giving you a virtual hug when you need/want one. I don't worry if folk leave me a comment or not...I write my blog as it is a chart of my recovery for me, and something I like to do. I've had enough of doing things for other people, a lot of whom are just tossers anyway!! Anyhow, all I wanted to say was, hang on in there. As long as you are eating, sleeping and not actually stabbing anyone in the head, then count that as a good day. XXX

  4. Oh my, head stabbing...... chortle.
    I have just found another blog (I know!) called Brocante Home and what she writes about housework and mood etc rings many bells with me.
    It's baby steps time, and just looking at the next hour rather than the whole day or week and getting scared of starting anything.
    Head stabbing, that is going to stay with me today.
    My children call it 'The Death Stare'.

  5. Oooh! you're scaring me now! Just don't point that Death Stare in my direction ;-)

    Today,so far, is a good day for me and they are as rare as rocking horse droppings around here at the moment. So, feet up m'dear, let me make you a nice cup of tea with a slice of lovely fruit cake, we will put the world to rights, and I guarantee I will make you laugh. xx


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