Friday, 8 February 2013

The Blog Of Two Parts

I haven't forgotten the other titles, I will get to them I promise.

So, where was I,

Part One

This is for Carrie -
The FW (as he shall always be known) used to have a beard a la Noel Edmonds, without the bad dye job, and used to trim it every week.  How nice, except it was always on the day I beautifully polished the lovely old 1930s dressing table I had.  I thought it a coincidence at first, and decided to change the day I cleaned the bedroom and, yep you guessed it,  he then trimmed his beard.  I puzzled for a while and realised that, like Pavlov's dogs, the smell of the lavender polish reminded him to beautify himself.  I changed the polish.   I should have changed the husband.

Part Two

This morning the mortgage people phoned me, did I want to pay the mortgages (we have two, not my idea) as they were in arrears.  The FW took over the call and the upshot is I think the paperwork that was put into the bank possibly was not passed on therefore the benefit agency are not paying the interest even on the main one.  This is very upsetting and there will be another issue to deal with.  We already have an ongoing financial ombudsman situation going on.

Then the daughter text me saying she wanted to come home as she had a lot of (monthly) pain.  I phoned school who said she had to talk to the 'Welfare Assistant', who probably comes from the same box of crappy job titles as 'Learning Leader', give me strength.  Daughter's phone not working for phone calls and I had to pass this on to her dad as I was stressed from the mortgage shit and needed to do an urgent shop as well.   

I phoned the 'Welfare Assistant'  (school nurse in old money) and said my child did not need a lecture about responsibility etc as she worked hard and often went to school ill despite her medical history.  She got the lecture anyway and apparently will get another on Monday.  Not on my watch honey.  The Welfare/Nurse was very interested when I told her some of her history and would have liked to chat more but I needed to get the kid home and get on with my stuff.  I am counting the days, my friends.

Later, whilst trudging through the high street wearing my old lady coat and carrying two very heavy bags of cat litter - oh the glamour -  I realised that I had forgotten my beloved sister's anniversary (40 years on 3 Feb) and was distressed by this.  The last time I forgot was 15 years ago when mum was alive and we had chatted on the phone, both puzzled why we had felt odd all that day, then I remembered and we were upset as it was her 25th.  Unfortunately mum passed away 3 months later after a very long and drawn out illness.

Not sure about Alfie, he had trouble standing up after a long night's sleep this morning, but later on had a jolly walk.  We are still keeping an eye on him.

Well, it's nearly tomorrow so I better be off.

See you later,


  1. Mu husand likes to put all his washing in the basket after I've emptied it. Very fustrating.

  2. ((giggle)) The FW would take his dirty clothes off in the bedroom and drop them on the floor, then walk into the bathroom, where the laundry basket was, to have his shower!! I taught my children from toddlerhood to put their clothes in the laundry basket!! I think his mum used to pick up after him all the time, to keep the house tidy. When he comes in he would deposit coat, hat, shoes, money, pocket crap everywhere, like a trail. I have even found dirty socks on the kitchen worktop. bleurggh!!

  3. Oh you made me laugh! Thanks. Perhaps FW and BoJ are twins, separated at birth ;-)


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