Monday, 4 February 2013

So, the bedroom smells of vinegar......

which is vastly better than the smell of dog p*ss!!

I have a little doggie, he used to be cute - now he is a stinky, bad tempered old geezer.  Unfortunately due to life's rich tapestry we did not get around to having him castrated.  Something I bitterly regret, especially today as I have decided to spring clean the Back Bedroom.  Which used to be called 'our bedroom' and that I resist calling 'my bedroom', although the kids do.

Ain't I cute in my giftwrap coat?

Don't breathe in too deep Mollie! (Note the fugly chair)

This little doggie, we shall call him Alfie, for that is his name, has decided that I belong to him and I am his for ever and ever.  So he literally pisses rings around me and circles me all the live long day.  And then lays, exhausted, by my side all evening.

So, then, this bedroom was dusty and untidy with all my yarn boxes and the ironing board and indeed pile, a chair (that you dare not sit on for fear of falling through) that is covered with half worn clothes, the cubby thing for the fugly desk etc etc.

Whilst on me 'ands 'n' knees (oooerr missus) vaccing the skirting I did smell and knelt on a drying suspect patch.  shit, bum, bugger and balls says I.  Then off to the web magician to find a method and recipe for said removal. 

hydrogen peroxide (ie laundry whitening stuff from Wilkinsons will do I decide)
stiff brush and much scrubbing and carpet burn of elbows.

The ginormous bed has had to be moved and the carpet around the foot posts is ruined.  Just as the little darling ruined the previous delicious cream carpet.

I do mostly keep the door shut (which also keeps the dear little black cat from sleepun' in my bed but, this means the bedroom is fuh fuh fucking cold freezing.

Now there are two large wet patches (and not for any good reason either larf), but the room has been hoovered and tidied a fair bit and the bed changed and the frickin' windows are open else we should all pass out.

It has taken most of the day due to an Asda delivery and several (damn and blast it) interruptions that make me stop and get off me knees to say "no we do not have any elastic bands" and general shit like that.

If this method works then I will do Middle Son's bedroom (again around the footboard) and the doorway of Eldest Son's bedroom.  

Anyway I am dead pleased with myself for adding pics and captions (even though I couldn't find a puppy pic because those are on my ancient steam driven camera), but I will try not to go on about it.

I must go and tidy up and also I must try and remember to tell you about last week's Best Friend visit (which is not that interesting really, just that it happened).

By the way - On Saturday I watched a film called "Mrs Caldicott's Cabbage War" with Pauline Collins and John Alderton.  It was very good and the heroine's late husband was a FuckWit.

See you later, peeps.


  1. Do tell about the "best friend" visit - especially if this is the person who only thinks about herself. Dontcha just love folk like that?!

  2. Sounds like you had a very busy day.
    hydrogen peroxide, is that what I would look for in wilkinsons? I need some laundy whitener.

    1. Wilkinsons version of Vanish etc 'Wilko Oxy Stain Removal Powder'.
      The American site I checked for the tip mentioned that anything (like laundry whiteners) that had the word 'oxy' in had hydrogen peroxide in so was suitable for use, so far the carpet looks (and smells) better.
      Oh yes, my back and legs ache from not being used to exercise lol.


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