Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bits and Pieces

I phoned Best Friend today as she is having some procedure/injection thingies on her back and neck tomorrow.  She is nervous.  I though it only polite to phone as she had come round on the way back from town last Weds.  It is a long walk that hurts her.  I made her tea and then The FW came in, so I decided to walk the dog part of the way to her house.  That was after a 2 week gap since I last spoke when I took round the crochet hot water bottle and cover I made her and took some jelly desserts as she had the Norovirus (I didn't go in).  We are chatting ok and not mentioning the long gaps.  We shall see.

I have done some more housework and walked the dog in the freeeezing cold.  I am very good but my legs and back hurt.

We have a court summons for non-payment (£93) of council tax. wtf.  I thought he had paid it and we had not received any final demand style letter, because if we had I would have made sure it was paid. bugger.

It is The FW's 59th birthday tomorrow - i do not care but will buy a cake.  Apparently my brother phoned (out of the blue -  really?) and as we are not doing anything they are going to go out for a curry.  Good, then I don't have to cook dinner, yaay.  Me and the kids are giving him some cash to buy a new office chair.  It is the least we can do lol.

I cannot see A Beautiful Life blog, it says 'permission denied'  I don't know what that means or how to change it.

Sorry this is a choppy post, I have a choppy brain with lots of rubbish floating around.   I have been feeling a little better but the above mentioned letter is pissing me off.

It has been five years this week since I stopped having sex with The FW.  This is a long time, and I don't care.  It was mostly horrid anyway.  Which is sad.  (Was that too much information?)



  1. Hi Susan, I had a HUGE problem last night so took my blog down: it's back today but I took off my last post. As they say, you can choose your friends, not your family; nuff said. I'm not buckling under, I'm a tougher little nut to crack than that LOL. FMx

    1. Thank you, I was a little worried/paranoid. Someone else I follow stopped blogging and started up as another and by invitation/request only. Could you do that so the unmentionables couldn't 'find' you if it became too difficult?.
      Let's not let the bastards grind us down!

  2. (((cyberhugs)))
    I understand. I struggle buying cards etc for my Bundle of Fun because there are never any appropriate verses.
    Not that this rhymes - but I'm sure you get the drift:
    "I'm only buying this card for you
    'cos if I didn't I'd have to explain
    and I really can't be bothered
    going over it all again"
    Maybe it does rhyme - a bit!
    I too am in a celibate marriage. It's lonely, but better than the alternative.
    Hope tomorrow (or the next day) will be better for you. And the blog is back up again today - just a little blip I think.

    1. You are so completely right about buying cards. I stopped giving xmas cards about 4 years ago, but continue with birthday because it would be too obvious not too. I am so tempted by the 'rude' ones, but pass them by for the bland. Which he notes.
      After a stressful morning dealing with the council tax shite I told him I am at my financial limit, I can no longer deal with emotional and embarrassing phone calls to complete strangers. It is upsetting for them to deal with a sobbing woman whilst taking card details!!.
      Thank you for the hugs, they are so needed right now. I return them and include cake!

    2. Thank you for the cake - Yum! We could share a bottle of wine too if you wish.


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