Saturday, 2 February 2013

Well that was surprising........

When I opened the post today there was a cheque.  A cheque for £781.07 which was £700 more than I expected and a £1000 less than I need.  But, the relief has made me giddy and I bought some tete a tete and a miniature rose to celebrate.

A couple of days ago I had seen the little daffs and it made me sad because I truly did not think that I could waste money on them (£2.50 is 2.5 loaves of bread).  I know the Happy Bloggers blatantly buy hyacinths and daffodils etc willy nilly, and it is lovely to seem them on their kitchen window sills and dining tables, but our family budget is tighter than a duck's arse.

When I told The FW (I wasn't going to but decided to be honest because I thought my brother who is his best mate or one of my cousins - I am guessing there are other beneficiaries - would probably blab) I said that I was going to make this money last until christmas.  I am wondering when he will try and get his hands on it somehow, like a credit card payment he can't make, or something that is needed for the house etc.  I will be amused and then say no.

This is mine, (except for taking dog to vet and a bit on my darling girl).  The relief of being able to get printer ink when needed, or a pair of sorely needed shoes, or desperately needed bras is huge.

I confess I visited a couple of charity shops after going to the bank and found, much to my surprise two small vintage pyrex (I think) bowls, the like of which we do not get in this town, we seem to get nasty 80s and 90s ghastly stuff and not the lovely 50s/60s/70s gear that other people in the lovely towns get in their charity shops.  I swear we have (and I am counting in my head here) at least 9 charity shops, 3 of which are the large ones that sell furniture etc).  Our high street is quite small, there was a planned shopping centre once upon a time but the Iceland Bank took all our money.  So now they are building flats and a tiny shopping arcade.  What's the betting there will be a costa, starbucks or both!

The family budget will remain as it is, planned and executed to the letter, so that bills can be paid on time and spread out accordingly.  Apart from buying a few treats today that we haven't seen for a year, I will try and keep to the new smaller food budget and shopping plan I have had to work out.  I must not be lazy and stop adding up as I go round with the trolley. I am also writing all expenditure in a notebook (I love notebooks, I do) to keep track of it all.  The flowers, bowls, a storage box and some celebratory doughnuts have cost a sum total of £12.  Hey! Big Spenderrrr.  Spennnnd a little time with me, duh duh daduh diduh!

I hadn't realised that the cheque would turn up immediately or I would have sent the proof of identity sooner.  The letter stayed on the dresser for a week at least before I felt able to search for the required utility bill.  I swear I did not have the energy to turn over a few pieces of paper to find it.

From your slightly happier and much relieved Dolly,

PS There is a post that has ended up as a draft and not published which has pissed me off greatly, I will have to read it and decide whether to tweak and post or discard.  Also, I have tried to add photos but I need to get son to remind/show me how to work it all out.  My old system was fairly easy but this new one (shotwell) is utter shite.  I wanted to add a pic of flowers in the pretty bowls.


  1. Congratulations on your win fall and stick to your guns.
    My first husband used to spend money and have nothing to show for it. If I had £10 he would find a way to spend it so in the end I didn't tell him.

  2. How lovely. I am absolutely delighted for you. I had a little windfall recently too - I claimed back my PPI from B*****ys Bank. In the past I'd have shared it, but not now (after he's had some money from various places on various occasions e.g. tax rebate, and not one penny came my way, and WE are paying HIS tax bill from the joint account). I've bought a few treats for myself, plan to save some of it and portion the rest into 11 instalments so I can have a little treat each month until Christmas.
    It's lovely that you are able to buy some nice things for yourself.

  3. Your relief is palpable! Do stick to your guns though and don't let it be frittered away.

  4. Hi everyone and thanks for coming.

    Carol - The FW managed to fritter over £6k in cash with nothing to show for it in 2010 (took about 6-8 weeks, man was I narked).

    Carrie - Right with you honey. My FiL had a 'funny' saying - "what's yours is mine and what's mine me own" said with a sardonic laugh. That is The FW's credo, and sticks by it too!

    Toffeapple - Yep I am firmly stuck to my guns. He made a point of paying his mob phone bill in front of me earlier today and then sighed heavily that he was overdrawn (as I thought to myself 'maybe you should stay home from pub for a week then).

    Thanks for your comments, me lovelies, I'm glad I'm not ranting in the dark, lol.


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