Sunday, 16 December 2012

Thank you, dear friends

for your kind messages. 
You managed to raise a weak, watery smile on this little face. 
Tomorrow is going to be one of those days that will have to be endured.

When the Rihanna song 'Diamonds' played on the radio this morning I had a mini breakdown but now (as usually happens in difficult situations) I am upright and stoic. 

Then the song with the lines -

"I'll protect you from the Hooded Claw, keep the vampire from your door, when the chips are down, I'll be around, with my undying, death defying love for you"

These will stay in my memory.

I will try to write, dependent on the situation.

Susan x


  1. Even if you don't manage to write, continue to escape into the online world - for support, for respite, for advice. In my darkest days, my blog and reading those I followed kept me afloat. X X X

    1. It is true that I love the pretty blogs and sigh over the wonderful walks and nice towns that others have. I tell myself not to be envious. And yes, life is not always pretty for the pretty blog people. I will continue to read for my sanity.

  2. I have obviously missed something, so sorry. Need help of any kind?

    1. Sorry hun. We had some bad news on Friday that I wrote about and then decided it may not be appropriate so I deleted that post. It will be a tough time. On Monday we will get more information. Thank you for the kind offer of help.

  3. Dear Lovely, am everso worried for you. If you need me, comment me with your mob number, I will not publish but will keep in touch.Thinking of you lots.
    Much love x


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