Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Crackered!

I am already in bed and hopefully will sleep soon.

The meeting with the Head of Community (it's a big school) was ok.  On the one hand they want to cover their arse as daughter has made a Disclosure, on the other hand the advice from social services is that because it is historical they probably won't do anything about it (although I understand the police would be interested) so we have all agreed to leave it to her. 

She seems so much brighter since she has shed this burden and we all agree that this may be enough, that to make a big issue of it could have bigger consequences.  Of course the thought that the person could still be doing this (he is now 25, one year younger that our eldest son) is a worry, but I have to think of my child and her life, which of course is selfish of me, but she is my light and joy.  She is beautiful, bright, artistic, funny, full of laughter and a total teenager!

We have managed (after one false start when the Asda car park was totally rammo, so we left and tried a couple of hours later) to do the main shop for Christmas and guess what people.....The FW paid!  Zippadeedoodah doodahday!!

After some vacuuming, washing, putting shopping away and trying to ram it all in fridge/freezer, and quite a bit of gifty crochet (for which I am now crosseyed after making and stitching on eyes!!) I have that headachy/buzzy feeling you get when you have been crazymadbusy achieving what seems like nothing.

I am already thinking about the crochet I will do (probably Christmas Day afternoon lol) as I have been asked to make some things by a couple of friends and I am looking forward to that when they have chosen the yarn.  So I will finish the small projects that are loitering in various boxes/bags and try to tidy as I go.

The next couple of days will be spent cleaning the house a little and on Sunday there will be the trip to the cemetery as it is my dad's anniversary on the 23rd.  After that I start to feel a bit more festive (hopefully!)  Unfortunately the grave is a bit scruffy and needs attention and I hope that next year I will feel better and do something about it, though there is no guarantee of this. 

The bedroom looks like a bombsite and I have lowered the ironing board so that I can use it as a giftwrapping and worktable, while the pile of ironing sits patiently by.

The house will not be a clean or superorganised as it always used to be and at the moment I am not that bothered, but I may be by about 11pm Christmas Eve, at which time I will want to sit and watch Carols at Kings or somesuch programme.

Goodnight my darlings, sleep well........

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  1. Sounds like things are are gently sorting themselves out - I'm glad. Ironing in our household has given up waiting patiently and just goes straight back into the cupboard! x


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