Sunday, 9 December 2012

Creeping into Christmas.....

okay I give in,
I have written a few cards
thought about perhaps ordering some stuff (hey it's only the 8th, it'll be fine)
seen the decs being put up (I just tidy up after and provide snacks during)

The blanket of loveliness has only a few (hah) ends to weave in.  There will be no blocking until it is washed at some point in the future, probably in the Spring lol.

The decs went up quite peacefully, but with an absence of chrimbo music because all the christmas cds have disappeared, all of them. I can't remember whether The FW took them up the pub, left them there, then forgot he left them there.  We had loads of all types, Foster and Allen included (gurn).

The FW was a little prickly and was trying hard not to be, daughter's friend-who-is-a-boy came round.  He is nice and likes Strictly (hmmm).  At first The FW  said "who's the bloke".  "He is not a bloke, he is a boy, it is daughter's friend".  (The one that you said you thought was her boyfriend, not that you minded she had a boyfriend. The very fact that you said that shows that you do indeed mind you dick).  Why do all fathers revert back to their predatory teenage selves when their own daughters have boyfriends (also men of a certain age do not believe that girls can have friends who are boys!)

Anyway, boring on...

Me and the daughter went to a christmas craft fayre in town.  Surprisingly it was very good and quite busy.  (I did notice that some stuff from blogland was being sold there, is that allowed, should I have said something?.  It felt odd seeing Lucy's wreath and some familiar owls in the flesh as it were).  The thing is my crochet is better than some I saw there.  The FW says I should sell my stuff but I know that everything I do I have seen online, and I know that I could not do that.  I do give stuff as gifts, patterns and tutorials I have made, etc, but it would not be right to sell it.

I saw an old artistic friend there, she is lovely and her son is the same age range as my two.  We chatted for ages and she fell in love with daughter.  She is starting up a 'save our high street' campaign and is getting a shop front for a while.  I offered to do the office work (this is voluntary stuff) because that is my bag, you know filing cabinets and all that.  It will be a bit scary but I would like to do that, I need to get out the house.  I hope that my frame of mind is good when I am needed.

Also the wool shop down the road (not the greatest selection in the land, but the only wool shop in the village) is quite friendly and I have been chatting with one of the ladies there and she said come in, bring your work and we can chat.  Probably because I make her laugh.  I think I need to persuade them to stock stylecraft, that would be heaven.  It would be nice to have friends with the same interests as I have.

There is one of the mums from daughter's old primary school that I still see now and again and I did promise to teach her to crochet, that was about 8 months ago.  I will send a christmas card and write that I haven't forgotten if she is still interested, that will be another thing to get me out of the house.  Oooh I sound quite busy, don't I. 

I hope and wish that I can do this stuff, I have been in limbo for about 3 years and there are times when I lay in bed and regret that time is slipping through my fingers.  Sometimes when waiting to sleep I try to think positive thoughts about how I would like life to be, fulfilling and useful, happy and productive.  Not stressful and  stagnant like it is now.

My mood is not too bad at the moment, things are achievable as long as I don't worry about the deadline of the 25th.  We wish you a merry blah blah bah humbugger!

Hello Isabelle, it is lovely to see you.

Night night everyone xPS - The FW has an upset stomach, could it be the 'free' curry he went out for last night, oh I do hope so. (did I hear someone call me a bitch just then?)

Added this morning - This should have been posted last night, is Blogger playing up!?!? 


  1. heh heh heh...just enjoying the FW having an upset stomach...heh heh heh!

  2. Just catching up, I am way behind! I haven't done anything about cards yet and I may well not bother at all, especially now that the postage has increased so much.

    It will do you good to get out and help your friend in the shop/office, give you something to aim for, that and teaching crochet and chatting in the yarn shop, try to persuade the owner to stock Stylecraft, though I expect it is cheaper on line.

    I'm sniggering about the upset tum too.


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