Friday, 7 December 2012

christmas decking......

It seems that on Saturday the decs are going up.  This is not my job, or decision.  I will need to join the yuman race on Fri eve as son's GF will be coming round before he comes home from work, (9am-9pm, which is a lie-in for him as he has had 7.30 starts this week).  I am not doing dinner because The FW has been asked out for another free(?!) curry, so it will chips from the chippy.

Then on Saturday we are to be honoured with a visit from daughter's friend who is a boy.  He absolutely adores her, but I don't know if he is a boyfriend or a friend who is a boy.  So, I will clean and tidy in prep for decs (The FW always goes overboard but whateverrr) and on Sat after the big brekkie and hopefully a pop in to the little christmas craft fayre in the hideous town hall, I will visit the spiffingly gorjuss 99p shop for nibbly, treaty snacky bits.  And we will put the xmas cds on and they will decorate.  (There will have to be some furniture moving and the coffee table that is totally covered with half-started and abandoned work in progress xmas crochet gifty stuff will definitely need to be cleared.  On a positive note the Blanket of Loveliness is at the edge of The Edge, huzzah!

The FW keeps lying to me ie, he said that middle son asked whether we are getting the christmas village out this year.  (I have asked not to for two years as it goes in the large window sill at the front of the house that the little doggie likes to sit on and I have to spend the day rescuing it and stopping him from being in the place he likes bestinalltheworld).  This lovely little village has turned into a city of mexican proportions 'cos The FW gets obssessed with a new interest and does not have the Stop gene.  Anyhoo, I asked MS and guess what, oh you already guessed, he said no, not me I haven't asked.  Jeez, does he think I am not going to find that simple lie out ffs.  Not to mention the amount of free curries he has been randomly asked to.  Lie one, he is the instigator of the meals out and n

Also a dilemma, The FW listens in on my phone calls whatever they are, a chat with the learning leader or Eldest son saying what time he will be home, and he doesn't always let me know he is on the line, (I know he always is).  So here's the thing, last night the phone rang once then stopped.  I do not answer phone in evening as it is almost never for me.  I did not think anything of it until this afternoon The FW said that it was daughter on line to the friend who is a boy and was crying about something another girl said.  The FW said that the FWIAB was very kind and saying nice things etc.  So he is reassured that this person is a Good Person for our daughter to be around.  Or words to that effect.  Ohhhkay, do I mention to daughter that her father listened in on a phone call, hmmm, or not because she does not want to hear anything negative about him, and she would be incredibly upset and embarrassed.  ES told me that when he went in daughter's room whilst she was on phone she was happy and smiling.  So, another lie from The FW.

I have to say he has lied and lied and lied again, I am used to this.  It is very childlike, the lies are easily discovered and completely obvious.  He thinks he has one up on me, but in fact I have one up on him because I know he has lied but he does not realise that I know.... y'know.  I do not challenge him because he will get cross and then suddenly, as if by magic, that lie becomes the truth in his own mind and he will insist that whatever it is, is true (usually there is a teeny tiny kernel of truth in it) and because I doubt myself, he will win the argument (or in fact I give in) because I do not like confrontations even if I am in the right.  So I let him get away with it at the time then some time later I will 'mention' the correct facts and he will look at me and I can see him wondering, and I have to turn away to hide my smiles.  I am such a bitch, no?

It is peedling down outside so I am going to go to sleep soothed by the sound of the rain, it is very comforting being all cosy with a hot water bottle (no namby pamby covers for me, it has to be burning rubber snigger!)

Nighty Night x

PS I absolutely promise to learn how to add pics of the crochet - I am proud of my accomplishments - they are all totally copied from other blogs.  I am such a 'copyist' larf.  It will be a 2013 Thing To Achieve.

PPS I am publishing without previewing as Blogger is being a Bugger... Typepad anyone? Added later posting fri pm as it didn't publish last nite grrr.


  1. hi. i just found your blog and am enjoying reading through earlier posts. pleased to meet you x

    1. Hello petal, you are very welcome here.
      I am glad you like reading my stuff. I hope to make you larf and hope not to bum you out. Many posts don't get beyond the 'thinking' stage, and some are 'drafts'. I am still deciding how much to tell.


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