Monday, 10 December 2012

Well, I was going to...........

add a picture but I don't have a frickin' clue how to go about it.  How do I put pics from my computer into the picasa doodah.  I have tried to upload (ooh get her, being all technowotsit) a pic when I follow someone but the thingy just goes round and round and round and round and round and round fuckoff fuckoff so I get bored and just put the silhouette in.  I shall go and have a hexplore when I have done this, (not that this is a chore you understand).

Did a weeny bit of the shopping for the celebrations later this month, and have spent too much money, not fowsands or even 'undreds but tens, many tens of pounds, yikes.  But it had to be done truly, the kid deserves to have things to open.  The older ones will get token pressies, favourite calender/sweets/book.  Saying that had to order daughters calender from NORWAY, oh yes my friends, my darling girl only likes deviantart and I have had to join the feckin' site (I am now a deviantartist - 'tho I have already forgotten the bloody password). T.w.e.n.t.y.f.i.v.e.q.u.i.d. for a calendar, kid you not, do I.

So in town, the most popular shop is the Card ManuFactory.  I swear the world, his wife/girlfriend/mistress/lover/aunties best friend was in there.  Serves me right for sneering on Sept 1 when the Christmas card displays went up.  I cannot tell you how many times this small person was shoved around. Bright Green Coat, people! (the Bright Red Coat does not cover enough arse in this weather).

I need to whisper now but in the local crappy bag shop I hovered in the general area of the funky shopping trolleys........ I know, I know - I am a short, fat, fifty person and this would make me look ridiculously sixty if she's a day.  If I was 3 inches taller and 30 years older I could get away with it, but I was tempted oh yes indeedy I was.

Anyroad (as my midlands grandma used to say) I am going to piss about with Picasa now, wish me luck Dear Reader, wish me luck.


PS - Listen, if you get fed up of my bleating on, don't worry about it, go and have a cuppa tea/bottle of wine/vat of vodka and come back later.  I won't be offended, promise.


  1. I'm enjoying reading, also want a funky shopping trolley, also short, not quite at the "when I'm an old woman I will wear purple.." stage but not far off in my head: love the blog, sending you hugs, keep it going. Xxx

    1. Thanks, hun.
      I love writing this as it helps clear my head of the shitey stuff. I have a permanent commentary going on, during conversation with certain people in my life and whilst ironing, walking etc. In the Victorian era I would be in Bedlam I am sure lol. Maybe I am conversing with the twin my mum lost. Imagine, two of me larf.

  2. hmmm...I too had longings for a shopping trolley and gave in last year, bought a fab, flowery pink one from Ikea. Justified it as it was perfect for lugging coursework and homework around in, now keep it slightly hidden, just to maintain that slightly cool image, I am trying to hang on to, but lug it out for shopping trips! Go on, give in, next year I am going to buy a windbreak for the beach, an absolute for us who have lost their youth and now need to pander to our elderly bones. Never tired of your 'bleating on', you make me laugh and write it good girlfriend xxxx

    1. Thank you darlin', for the encouragement. If we lose the car the trolley deffo will appear. We live at the top of a hill!!
      This lovely positive comment cheered me after a long phone chat with BF, we haven't fallen out or anything but y'know, it feels different.

      PS Couldn't reply last night as fog slowed the connection, I was reading whilst waiting for the roundyroundy thing then gave up!

      PPS say 'darlin' with a Dallas accent lol


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