Sunday, 30 September 2012

So we went to the party and.....

it was ok, only because we sat with Niece's Boyfriend's (heretofore known as NB) family who are Normal.  
Laughed a lot with NB's mum who is great and has similar sense of humour as me (thank god). She knows a tiny bit of our story and knows A (niece) is struggling with the situation and who apparently talks to and treats her mum appallingly. She spends most of her time at NB's house - who ironically is just across the road from us).
There was a quiz to start (wtf) and I found I just couldn't look at Former SiL kissing new fiance.  He has a large family but it is well know that he will NOT be leaving his home or elderly parents (again, wtf).
Surreally, Former SiL's tiny* family (consisting of late mum's cousin, (known as Auntie B), husband (Uncle J) and their daughter (K) were there - the surreal part was that K and I were bridesmaids at my brother's wedding and I had the urge to say to the now grown up K (we were 10 and 18 in 1980) "do you think we'll be asked to be bridesmaids again?" (sick laughter)...
Former SiL and her new fiance was glad to see us and thanked us for coming and I ended up kissing hello and goodbye to a strange man I had never spoken to before.
On the way out from party room through pub found Nephew and briefly spoke to him, he said he was ok with it all but A was not (he is also A but that would just confuse you!)  The shock, the dreadful gut wrenching shock was that tho he seemed much more cheerful than the last time we spoke, his pupils were dilated and he felt 'wrong'.  I have no experience of drugs at all and was just aware of his eyes, as he asked if I had spoken to his dad, I had, but not about the engagement, don't know what to say or if I should, whatever I do will be wrong.

This week have been dealing with middle son's JSA cockup and will attend a meeting with him monday am to sort out problem (really looking forward to that - not), and MiL's health and care home needs (complicated and caused by local hospital being a shitehouse). 
Next week will be crap as brother will be phoning to talk about his recent (last Thurs) hospital procedure and overnight stay... jeez  - and have blood test (fasting/cholesterol yikes) and dentist for new partial denture (mmmm sexy)..... what larks!
I am so fuckin exhausted and really need some Boring/Routine/Normal just to catch my breath.

We left around the party around 10 because daughter was fed up, as was The FW who prefers to stand at the bar with the goms and not sit at a table with family.  Anyway we are home now and The FW is staying in cos he got cold! (everybody say aaaaahhh). 

N'night. x

PS on a lighter note we couldn't leave for the party until I had won a portable vintage typewriter on ebay!  There are some things you just can't word process and press print lol.
PPS would love to know when the Decree Absolute came through!?!

* she has a dad and half siblings but is not acknowledged by them - sad

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