Sunday, 16 September 2012

Are the last hormones leaving the building?

I have felt quite calm today and cooked a meal (roast chicken, forgot the stuffing, bugger), made bread, washed the laundry in the bath (washing machine died last week (again, bugger), have borrowed BF's 30 year old spinner which works yaay, and made progress with the Blanket of Doom.... And Felt Calm. And Unstressed. And Organised. And OK.
So, does this mean that although not had (proper) periods for approx 4(?) years, started peri-menopause at 45 completely unaware of what was going to happen as have no older female relatives close enough to talk to. My late mum had menopause baby in 68, then had hysterectomy straight after.
ooops just published by mistake damn this typing in the dark!!
does this mean there are spare hormones that have been hanging around, I used to get pre-menstrual depression that lasted 2-3 weeks sometimes, yeah I was a bundle of laughs, me!
Waiting for counselling referral and will ask for hormone test.
Let's see what tomorrow brings...........

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