Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mum you broke the kitchen....

I have decided the bring the microwave (that I realised is a combination/mini oven a couple of weeks ago after 13 years of ownership durrrr) into the kitchen from the 'siberia' of the utility room cupboard.  Well, now the kitchen has had to be completely re-organised to accommodate it and chaos has ensued.

Add to that the washing machine breaking, FW has tried to fix it, no go, so new one bought and in place, subsequent water leakage, bah.  Our utility room is 'off' the kitchen with no door but this is ok usually.

I also now do the washing up of non-dishwasher items in there as the hot water is almost 'instant'  for plumbing reasons rather than wasting loads down the drain or waste disposal to get a hot bowl of water.  (I wash up in super hot water 'cos that's how I like it).  The plus side is no items on the drainer looking horrid in the open plan kitchen and the down side is washing up in a dim room.

Aaaannyhoo, so the first part of the week was handwashing in the bath with the loan of BF's 30 yr old spinner (so sweet and brought back memories of mum), after three days gave up as new machine was on its way.  So have piles of ironing today rather than piles of crochet I need to do, bugger.

Have wasted spent 2 afternoons making bread (and finding best method of making bread in machine for mixing/kneading/first prove then out into mini microwave oven thing for second prove and superquick baking.  Some success, some fails that are now croutons.  We eat a loaf a day, so I need to find a routine and FW presented me with a ton of damsons that I spent all yesterday afternoon stewing for three small crumbles as only two people in house eat such things and an now have an amount of damson/sugar syrup in freezer as well cos wasn't letting anything go to waste!!)  What to do with the syrup? Answers on a postcard please (aka google!).

I desperately need to organise our massive american style fridge/freezer (bought in those heady days of house refurbishing and money earning) that has very little cubic capacity, effectively (I want to double batch cook for my lazy days). At the moment when I open the door stuff falls out, not helped by FW 'helpfully' buying stuff that doesn't bloody fit!) this leads to comedy moments like the bag of grated cheese (not fully sealed) tipping over and falling everywhere (the dog cheerfully hoovered that up, tho I still have to clean the inside).

So when my daughter can't find anything or goes automatically to one area to find it is used for another purpose cries 'muuum you broke the kitchen' - on the plus side she has learned to cut real proper bread.

In other news.....
Library books several days late so now have fine... bugger
Have spent money on ebay for essential non-essentials... bugger (ie coloured crochet hooks, mini letter charms,small knitting needles, spotty scissors, it's all for gifting/christmas really it is).

Do I really need a portable oldfashioned typewriter (My dear sister's 1960s one  is now obsolete ribbonwise and FW broke the case too- shithead)  Yes I do want one but keep missing the really cheap ones (I want to type labels and gift tags etc) so I probably will do a buyitnow on a nice one then feel guilty later. (I have spent nothing on me this year  except yarn for gifting and to keep me sane, oh and the odd sticky bun/bag of choc peanuts when in town teehee, oh and childrens school shoes as I have weeny feet)

Now addicted to charity shops but have found nice wearable cheapity cheap clothes (ie boring old lady/style) so I can throw out baggy saggy bleachmarked, holey stuff, (and for cheap books so that i can stop going to library/not reading books cos of blogging/getting fined).
Supposed to be frugally/carefully using what little money I/we get from bloodysoddingbenefits (god i hate it hate it hate it)
PS just paid the virgin media bill on credit card as I don't want to lose broadband halfway thru blogging (and I really love Tivo). I know, I know.... but telly/crochet/blogging is all I got, yeah I know kids/health/blahblah.

Speaking of C*****mas I am considering not sending cards, shall I/shan't I?? Def won't be able to go to my annual dear schoolfriends xmas dinner which completely PISSES ME OFF cos it's practically my only night out a year shitfuckbollocks

Affectionately yours,
Susan x

PS Blimey, rambly post again - sorry if you get bored halfway thru, I don't blame you, get on my own nerves sometimes, tho I do dance in the kitchen when no-one is looking, snigger.
PPS  Bloody hell I really need to get some pictures on here the cheer it up, when I get five minutes I'll figure some out.  The 'five minute job list is huuuuuge by the way)


  1. If it is any consolation I don't send cards at all. People really don't mind.

    1. Sorry, just seen your comment, didn't mean to ignore you. I am going to have a large cull of xmas card list, and walk local ones around. There are a few elderly's/elderlies (spelling?) that deserve a card but the rest can bu**er off, ooops ranting again, sorry. Also yawning, lawsamercy look at the time!
      night night x

    2. It's actually 1.10am what the hell timezone is blogger on for pete's sake!!!!!


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