Tuesday, 21 May 2013

F*ckwit Free Day

Deep Joy.

The F*ckwit had a little gardening job today, gentle gardening, not the heavy stuff.  A few hours was all it took to lower my shoulders.

He sold the fishtank I bought a few years ago with Uncle Harry's inheritance.  But the best bit was it was on my ebay and I get the money. har-de-har.  He had asked a few days ago if we should and I, for once, was quick off the mark and said yep I could do with the money.  So he put it on at 99p (well over 700 quids worth of kit!!!!) to finish mid week.  Usually he put stuff on to finish on a Sunday as that is the best day. 

It had 78 watchers, 1243 page views, 35 bids and made £220. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. 

And yes the money is staying in MY paypal account (that's The Kid's prom dress and shoes sorted), even though he asked if I would take it out.  Oh no, says I (smugly) I will leave it in there and purchase stuff using paypal.

AHahahahahahahahaha -  I am a little crazy today.


PS He has also put something else on my ebay.  I may have to resurrect another ebay account I opened some years ago if only I could remember the feckin password. 

PPS Found out today (at last) that The Kid is 6th on the list for counselling.  I would sacrifice any chance of one seconds worth of counselling for me if it helps her.

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  1. AH so there is some justice re e-bay good on ya. you do know you can change the password and get you happy deserving fingers on the goodies? Glad it will pay for prom dress and shoes. Have no doubt she will look stunning! Lovely that fw got some work and gave you some peace for a few hours.fingers crossed fro you both re the counseling. tc me lovely you are doing fine!


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